Video Tips on How to Create a Thanksgiving centerpiece with inspiration from nature

Bring the outdoors in! Check out our easy video tips on how to create a Thanksgiving centerpiece with inspiration from nature by bringing the outdoors in using Indian corn, fall gourds, mini pumpkins and whatever vases or bowls you have in your cabinets at home.

I picked up gourds and Indian corn at my local Walmart in September and then used an assortment of random vases I had in my kitchen cabinets at home to create this casual, festive, and simple centerpiece.

Video Tips on How to Create a Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Inspiration from Nature

Take a peek at how I easily created this natural looking centerpiece that works great for the entire Fall season along with Thanksgiving.

Rules for creating centerpieces

1. Use both Tall and High vases or bowls to give dimension to your centerpiece.

2. Group things in threes.

3. Add a variety of color to your centerpiece and don’t be afraid to fiddle with it until things lay as you like and look their best.

As you can tell, this type of simple and casual Thanksgiving centerpiece looks super on a kitchen table or bistro set to add a little bit of more of the autumn season indoors.
Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Materials Needed to Make a Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Besides using the leftover vases I had from past floral arrangement in my cabinet, I picked up Indian corn at my local Walmart. Super inexpensive at $2.98 per package of 3 cobs. Nice! Then I bought a few bags of gourds – also equally inexpensive and there was a fabulous selection at Walmart.




Glam Thanksgiving Centerpieces

And if you want to go glam, here’s some inspiration to fancy up your gourds, pumpkins, and acorns with some metallic spray paints like Rustoleum on real natural mini pumpkins, acorns or even pine cones. I found this glam and fab idea when I visited Walmart’s headquarters in October and we met with the Better Homes and Gardens team. Gorgeous right?


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