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Did you know that 1 in 4 children have a vision problem??? I had no idea!!! Busy parents juggle a ton between their own careers and managing the lives of their little crew. From doctor appoints to orthodontist appointments to carpooling all around town for after school activities, it’s easy to forget about our children’s vision. Have your kids ever had an official vision check up? If not, definitely consider getting your kids an eye exam visit. With the Little League World Series going on August 17-27, Visionworks wants to remind baseball families all across the country to get their little athlete’s eyes checked.

According to the American Optometric Association, vision plays an important role in how well children perform in outdoor games and sports. Playing catch in the backyard or participating in team sports at school requires clear distance vision, good depth perception, wide field of vision and effective eye-hand coordination.

Visit a local Visionworks near you to get a your children’s eyes examined. 

When my son was in 1st grade and had trouble keeping track of words on the page,  we made a visit to a specialist. We learned with my son Kyle that there were definitely things you can miss at your child’s well check pediatrician appointments that a specialist can detect and I’m so grateful I made that appointment. He was diagnosed with convergence insufficiency and was able to do eye exercises prescribed by the doctor for a few months to strengthen and fix his eyes. Hooray!

Visionworks at the Little League World Series

This year, to remind all of us parents about the importance of healthy eyes, Visionworks is teaming up with Little League® to become the official eyewear and eye care retailer of Little League Baseball and Softball. Together, the organizations are raising awareness about the importance of annual eye exams and protective eyewear for school-aged children, especially those children who play sports.

If you happen to be lucky enough to be at the Little League World Series, stop by to visit Visionworks at the Family Fun Zone to learn how to keep your eyes healthy!

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Nike’s Styling Glasses

Nike is always cool for every age so it’s great to Nike offering stylish and sporty frames for kids. Both for prescription glasses and for sunglasses – gotta protect those eyes from the sun too! Take a peek at my kiddos and my goddaughters modeling some of the sample frames Nike sent us to take a peek at. Little Brynn in the blonde hair is actually wearing a pair of Nike glasses in royal blue that she already owns — I told you Nike was popular with kids! Kenzie and Kylie are modeling frames without the glass to just show off the Nike look.


Kyle giving glasses a try!


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