Vlasic Farm Fresh Pickles Twitter Party Tonight 8 pm EST with @FarmersGarden #FarmtoJarChat

Join our Twitter party tonight! I’m co-hosting the Farmers Garden by Vlassic pickles Twitter party tonight at 8 pm EST with @WhitneyMWS and @FarmersGarden.  YUM! These farm fresh pickles come with all natural ingredients fresh from the farm and straight to your plate.  What I especially love is that everything on the ingredient list is something you can see and identify in the jar!

Farmers Garden Vlasic Pickles

Summertime means we’re hosting and attending BBQs weekly. Pickles are definitely a staple on the plate and at the party with all the hamburgers, veggie burgers, and hot dogs we’re roasting on the grill.

Join us to discuss summer entertaining, pickles & have the chance to win some great prizes tonight at 8 pm!

Twitter Chat Details #FarmtoJarChat

When: Wednesday, June 18th 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST

Details: We’re giving away coupons, totes & several $25 gift cards

Where: Easily join in using the hashtag #FarmtoJarChat

Hosts: @ClassyMommy @WhitneyMWS @FarmersGarden

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