Vtech Tech Toys: MobiGo Touchscreen Review & Giveaway

Win it! We just had a chance to review a pre-launch tech toy from Vtech called the MobiGo. It will be available on July 15th, 2010 and it really is a leap in technology for the preschool set. Geared for kids 3- 8 yrs old. Pricepoint – $59.99 and cartridges will be available for $19.99.

Parents and kids will be impressed by the technology. The screen clarity is incredible and honestly it looks like I’m watching TV in HD when I see my 4 year old cruise around on this handheld device.

There is no pen or stylus as it is entirely a touch screen for the games along with a full QWERTY keyboard below the screen for the games that enable you to type letters or numbers to answer questions. Many fun games are included with the product to keep your child busy and of course you can buy new games for $19.99 which is nice price and about $5 less than Leapfrog’s games for their handheld devices. Here we are taking a spin with the Β new MobiGo. Enjoy! Β Enter to win a MobiGo by leaving a comment below by June 21st, 2010. US Residents only. Prizing will ship once product is available for sale.

227 thoughts on “Vtech Tech Toys: MobiGo Touchscreen Review & Giveaway”

  1. My son would love this! He has Asperger’s and is really into his Leapster, but unfortunately it got broken (after being used for many years). He is obviously upset over it, we haven’t been able to replace it for him quite yet… This would be the PERFECT replacement! Looks AMAZING! Looks more “Grown Up” πŸ™‚

  2. VTech is awesome..I love all there toys!! My boys loved all there toys but now I have a little girl that could use some toys now!

  3. My 3 boys would be in heaven with this toy. They loves my laptop and can’t get enough of their older brother DS.

  4. This would be excellent for our long car trips when we pick my stepson up in Mississippi and I would love to strengthen his reading skills too!

  5. Oh my littlest one would love this! She would feel like one of the big kids and learn at the same time. Developmentally she has been delayed but loves to do the things the big kids are doing! Vtech is an awesome product and we have several things from them already. My oldest 2 grew up on vtech products so I hope the youngest can too! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  6. My son loves my Blackberry and he’d be absolutely thrilled to have this (and I’d be thrilled that he’d have his own, and it’s educational as well!)

  7. Sounds great. My daughter is already touching the laptop screen trying to change pictures like mommy and dad’s phones. NOt to mention the price sounds reasonable.

  8. Looks amazing! My son’s would absolutely LOVE this. . .my oldest is 6 and little one is 3, they love their V-smile but it is getting old as it has had many hours of play. What a great product.

  9. This looks awesome. My husband works on computers and gadgets for a living, so my son is always interested in what he’s doing and of course, wants to do it himself. This would be great.

  10. I will be homeschooling my 4 year old son this year and I think this could be very educational and beneficial with the homeschooling…also Parker would love this as he would think he has a little computer just like his mommy.
    Thank You for the chance to win a wonderful prize.

  11. Man Oh Man, I wwould love to win this for my daughter. My neice has a Vtech and always brings it over and my daughter is only 2 1/2 and wants to use it. I Would love Love LOVE to win this for her =]

  12. We are in it to win it,My son loves to play computer games,it’s wonderful to have vtich touchsceen,he can’t wait to see it.

  13. My daughter would love this. Maybe if she had something like this she would leave my droid alone (well a momma can dream)

  14. This would be the perfect gift for my granddaughter. She is so jealous of her older brother’s DSi. This would give her something with keys to play with and I think she would learn something, too.

  15. I love VTech. They have such educational toys. I have 2 boys and 5 which would love this. The 2 year old learns fast from his older brother.

  16. This would be perfect for my niece! This is one toy she does not have and her parents would love that it is educational! Thanks!

  17. Great new product!! No pencil great!! touch screen.. more great!!! and the price of extra games are accesible… we want one!!! Daniela (4) and MArtina (2)

  18. I have 2 kids that would enjoy this since they always trying to go on my conputer all the time and pluse it would help them learn

  19. Thanks for the great tips always! I hope we win this. I love getting educational toys/resources for my children, but the economy hasn’t been that forgiving on the checkbook this past year. Thanks!

  20. Very excited about this giveaway. My oldest has a leapster and my 3yo boy always wants to play his sisters video game( and then it’s a fight). He needs his own and I love the touch screen feature ! He would have a blast !

  21. I love this new VTech toy. My kids are into learning games and this has the best features of any systems I have seen yet.

  22. Great giveaway. We have had a vtech that we have passed down from child to child. It is 16 years old and still works! We love vtech and would love to have a new one for my 4 year old.

  23. My two youngest children would love this. Especially the pull out keyboard and game characters such as Shrek and Dora.
    And I would love that they are learning while having fun.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway.


  24. In the past, we have bought many LeapFrog toys, but we are just now discovering the wonders of Vtech. The MobiGo would make an amazing gift for my younger nephew. I especially like the Qwerty keyboard, which will help teach small fingers the computer skills they will need later in life. Thank you for the great give-away.

  25. I love this new advance in children’s learning toys and if I don’t win this, this WILL be on my daughter’s birthday list..

  26. I love this new advance in children’s learning toys because kids can learn by these so much.


  27. I would love to win this for my 4 year old son. He is Autistic and making leap and bounds everyday. This would be perfect for helping to learn!

  28. Some Good Points of the MobiGo

    * Adjustable backlight can make the screen brighter or darker.
    * Adjustable volume can keep the noise down.
    * Accepts headphones for silent play (however, see the downside of the headphones below in the bad points).
    * You can download games and prizes from the VTech website by connecting MobiGo to your computer.
    * Portable and nice setup with the pop-up screen.
    * Low price point (compared to other devices) at only $59.99.
    * Great hardware for a small price.

  29. I would like to win this for my 6 year old Granddaughter.I love Vtech. I use to buy Vtech learning toys for my children. Now I buy Vtech for my Grandchildren.

  30. This looks like a nice educational toy and I think my 4 year old granddaughter would love it. Thanks for having the contest!

  31. This would be awesome for my 3 year old. So i can have time for this lil one, or even to keep him occupied when were held up at the doctors office.

  32. I noticed that you did a review on BOTH the Vtech Mobigo and the Leapster Explorer….so which one do you REALLY think is better? I have only owned Vtech products such as Vsmile and Bugsby and their Kidizoom camera (had two lemons on that). I want the advice of someone who had both systems and has had the experiences that I have not had.

  33. I am searching for a great present for my son’s 5th b-day, and just happened to find out about this today. Looks pretty neat. I especially love the qwerty key pad. So, I guess I will take my chance to win one.

  34. I hope that my daughter likes this, as she loves to play with itouch apps. I hear that it’s a great learning toy that keeps the little ones engaged!

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