Walking the Runway at Elle Style 360 Geren Ford Fashion Show

What a day! Modeling was never in my stars, especially at a height of 5′ ft 2″. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d get to experience a backstage behind the scenes peek at Fashion Week topped off with my very own walk down the runway. Thanks to an unbelievable invite from Tide Total Care, yesterday was like a dream. (Talk about a way a brand can engage a Mommyblogger huh??) And I survived my walk in spiked heels without turning into total fashion roadkill a la Carrie Bradshaw in the classic Sex & The City episode. De-ramping off the end of the runway in my heels was a bit of a challenge, but luckily I didn’t topple!

My Geren Ford Look: High waisted mini paired with a silver silky tank.

Here’s the Runway! We all took a practice run minus our heels. They don’t let you practice in the heels because the runway is white. Kind of defeats the purpose of the walk through huh?

What was it like? Ultra bright! The lights were practically blinding. Brighter than you could ever imagine. And at the end of the runway, we paused to get our photo taken by a zillion photographers – think Elle, Vogue, etc. (Unlikely I’ll be ending up in any of those publications!) The “Moms” hopped off the runway to “de-ramp” and sit in the audience for the remainder of the show. The models each had 2 outfits and hit the runway 2x. We just did the walk down to show fashion is for real people too!

Hair & Makeup? Everyone wears the same look for the show. They blew my hair out and then put in a new “dry shampoo” spray product called Rockaholic. Smelled fabulous and by the makers of BedHead. Next they curled us all for a natural flowing look. A team from Sephora did everyone’s makeup. And yes, I’m pretty sure we all shared the same lip gloss as they give you one final prep right before hitting the runway. Everyone was literally lined up waiting for their turn to strut their stuff. The 4 Moms in front were followed by about 15-20 real models.

Why Moms? Tide’s genius campaign idea to include “Real Moms” in the Geren Ford Spring 2010 fashion show meant myself and a few other Moms got to be glam for the day. We actually opened up the show before the real models hit the runway which made it even more special. If only someone could do my hair and make up everyday. Tide Total Care was sponsoring Geren Ford’s show since 65% of her runway line is washable and Tide wanted to show that wearable is washable with “real” people….thus my inclusion with the nearly 6 ft tall and gorgeous young models.

Cool stuff! Meeting Perez Hilton in his hot pink suit after his walk in the PINK fashion show which ended right before our show.

What’s in for next season? Mini skirts and all kinds of ruffles and flair!

Before & After Looks: Kara, SavvyMommy, Audrey & I.

How were the models? Awesome! The real models were very kind and gracious about our excitement over the moment and shared some inside tips on walking in heels. Tip: Scuff those shoes and even try to tear the bottoms a bit with a pair of scissors! Insider info: Everyone shares the same lip gloss – especially when the stylists are in a hurry and realize they forgot to finish your lips. Yes, models get naked and change in a gigantic room full of men (press, stylists, etc.) – trust me there was no time to spare for modesty. Fashion shows are all about Hurrying Up and then Waiting. Scuff those heels on the concrete or even use a pair of scissors to scrape the bottoms so you don’t slip. Sadly, one beautiful model from our show lost one blue heel during her walk down the runway. (She kept is together and kept on walking with only one shoe. But obviously, this most be a model’s nightmare!)

Thanks to Tide for this incredible experience I’ll remember forever. What a way to spend the day in NYC.

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