Walking the Runway

Tomorrow I’ll be walking the runway at the Elle Style 360 Fashion Show. Crazy huh? Let’s hope I don’t pull a Carrie Bradshaw and fall during my trip down the runway like she did in this episode of Sex & the City. Truly, I’m somewhat terrified of falling in my heels!

In an effort to show that “washable is fashionable” I’ll be wearing a design by Geren Ford for Spring 2010 whose show is sponsored by Tide Total Care. Her collection for the Spring 2010 show is over 65% washable and Tide needed some “real” people for the project to show that beautiful fashions can and should fit into a real woman’s lifestyle. So I’ll be a “real” person model as I’m sure everyone will notice with my 5 ft 2″ profile compared to the 6 ft models!

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