Walmart Mommy Blogger Photo Highlights!

Loved meeting all of my Eleven Moms from Walmart. Everyone is so wonderful and I feel like we’ve been friends forever. And reuniting with my Camp Baby buddies Christine – From Dates to Diapers and Amy from Mom Advice was amazing. I love all these ladies – it is nice to connect with all these members of my tribe!

Breakfast with our new friend’s at Kellogg’s. Love what they are doing to help Moms save money by eating a healthy and inexpensive bowl of cereal in the morning!
Our dinner with Campbell’s was yummy. Chef Lee gave us tons of tips to cook a turkey and make stuffing. I need every single tip I can get – I’m feeling kinda excited to try out a few of these tricks !
Amy Clark from MomAdvice and I were ultra excited about Walmart utilizing their supplier pull in a positive direction to help sustainability and the environment. Packaging Car Seats in this wrap instead a huge crazy big box is more convenient for the customer, cheaper for the company to ship, takes up less space on the store floor and best of all REDUCES WASTE. I just loved hearing TONS of examples of what Walmart is doing to help sustainability. We need more companies to wholeheartedly make these efforts. I think (hope!) that more companies are starting to care about these efforts….. I really was impressed with everything I learned about Walmart and their sustainability. Can’t say enough about it!

We hung out with the folks at Coca-Cola for some appetizers and as they call it “RED CAN” for those of us who are die hard Classic Coke in a Can kind of people. (I would be a RED CAN girl!) Here’s another pic of @JessicaKnows and Christine From Dates to Diapers again!
I’ll post more later! Gotta go board my plane to Philly soon……

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