Walmart Mommy Blogger Trip to Arkansas

The kids will be saying Bon Voyage to Mommy at 7 am tomorrow as I’ll be heading to Bentonville, Arkansas to visit Walmart’s headquarters. I’m soooooo elated to meet my fellow 11 Moms, formerly known as the Money Saving Moms – along with the new Mommybloggers who’ve recently joined this dynamic group. I always think I’ll get caught up on sleep on these trips but this never seems to be the case. JessicaKnows has already invited us all up to her hotel room for a mommy blogger/ girl bonding slumber party after our official dinner ends!Posted our itinerary here for anyone interested in the finer details. Cooler highlights include:
A Secret Hair Shampoo and styling session for yours truly – I’ll post pics!
An evening sponsored by Campbell’s where a famous Chef is supposedly going to teach us a few tricks to prepare a yummy Thanksgiving Meal. Obviously, if you’ve seen my prior post today, I need some massive help with my cooking and skills in the kitchen.
Attending Walmart’s famed Saturday morning Executive Meeting. The MBA in me is totally excited about this opportunity. Marketers salivate over the chance to promote their products with the #1 retailer Walmart and business case studies on Walmart’s culture always refer to this Saturday morning meeting which is nearly impossible for outsiders to gain access to. Who would have thought being a Mommy Blogger would be my ticket to an inside peek at Walmart?
A chance to meet Harrison Ford and Paula Deen!!!!

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