Made By: Walmart to invest $250 Billion to Support American Jobs

Made in the USA. I always love to buy American made products when possible so I’m very excited about this BIG NEWS coming out of Walmart. Walmart plans to invest $250 Billion in product to support American jobs over the next 10 years. You can learn all about Walmart’s MADE BY initiative here

It’s often a misconception that everything you buy at Walmart is made in a foreign country given their low prices. Did you know that according to Walmart’s suppliers, items that are made here, sourced here, or grown here account for about two-thirds of what Walmart spends to buy products at Walmart U.S.

You can find out more about Walmart’s goal to source $250 billion in products that support American jobs over the next 10 years online at

Walmart American Made Job 250 million

Walmart to invest $250 Billion to Support American Jobs

Walmart says the following about their plan to support American Made produce and support American jobs.

“Walmart is investing $250 billion in products that will support American jobs over the next 10 years. Weplan on doing this by increasing what we already buy and by helping to onshore U.S. production in areas such as textiles, household goods, and toys. Learn more at

We will grow U.S. manufacturing on two fronts. First, by increasing what we already buy here in categories like sporting goods, apparel basics, storage products, games, and paper products. Second, by helping to create U.S. production in high key areas like textiles, furniture, pet supplies, some outdoor categories, and higher end appliances. These are just a few examples; we are looking at many more.

At Walmart we believe in supporting the American dream by helping to create more jobs in America. We know that by creating and keeping jobs in America, we are helping to rebuild local and national economies. You can learn more about how we are bringing jobs back to America at″

Browse over 1,000 products that support American jobs that Walmart already sells online at

Walmart’s investment is huge and will really make an impact on the lives of so many American Workers. I love the video series and instagram photos that Walmart is sharing highlighting individual workers and how they are helping factories create jobs to make MADE IN THE USA products.


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