Walmart’s Savings Catcher App and Holiday Guarantees

Need to know shopping tip!!! If you aren’t up to speed on Walmart’s Saving’s Catcher App, you MUST download it for some serious savings. I love it! I’ve been using it since August and what’s so fabulous is that it price compares your receipt for almost every item you buy to all the stores in your local region. If you paid more for it at Walmart compared to any other sales price at another retailer, then Walmart gives you the CREDIT as an e-Gift card. GENIUS!

And with the all the holiday shopping I do, I love to save big and then also redeem on those e-gift cards I’ve been accumulating all year!

Savings Catcher App

For more scoop on the Savings Catcher, you can read my full Savings Catcher review post here and see my video below where I demo the Savings Catcher too.

Walmart’s Checkout Promise

Walmart’s also trying to find other better ways to serve their 140 million customers shopping in their stores this season. They’ve created a very special Checkout Promise. Walmart is planning to open more checkout lanes than ever before — when customers are shopping most.  

This is huge as I know one of my biggest frustrations when shopping is often how long check out can take. I know when I’m done shopping, I just want to cash out and head home or get going on the rest of my errands.

Here is the scoop on Walmart’s plans in their own words:

  • We know that the weekends between Black Friday and Christmas are some of the busiest weekends for our customers and in our stores.
  • Beginning the weekend of November 22 and continuing each weekend through Christmas we plan to open more checkout lanes than ever between 12 p.m. – 6 p.m. (during peak shopping hours) at our Supercenters and other stores that offer general merchandise like electronics, apparel and toys. We’ll open additional lanes the day before Thanksgiving, November 26th and during the final days before Christmas, December 20th – 24th, to help customers move through our stores quickly. 

 Investing in Technology to Make Holiday Shopping Easier

  • ·Since we announced the Checkout Promise, we made sure our registers are up to the challenge by investing in software and technology. We also put new policies in place to get them back up and running faster than ever if an error does occur.
  • · This holiday season, we’re hiring an additional 60,000 associates to help us serve our customers at the checkout lane and throughout our stores.
  • ·We’re also investing in training for more than 200,000 of our front end associates – they’ll know the task at hand and will be well equipped to manage the checkout lanes.

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