We Believe in Girls

Mattel, the makers of Barbie, recently launched an initiative called “we believe in girls” with a super website that looks like it will be a true resource to encourage and empower girls to achieve their dreams- whatever they may be! The site has an area to share your voice about what you believe is happening in the world today that will shape the future for the darling little girls in our lives. Also, as a parent, find resources to help guide you raising your daughter.

As a somewhat new Mom (my daughter Mackenzie is 20 months old!) I can’t begin to imagine what it will be like raising a teenager! As my daughter continues to grow up, the challenges will be far different than the diaper changes, lack of sleep, and frequent diffusion of tantrums, but on a day to day basis our interactions will in many ways be far more important in influencing her view of her self in the world. From a personal perspective, I know my parents played an incredible role in helping me gain self-confidence and a positive image and belief in myself. Not only did my parents share their belief in me, but their encouragement for me to participate in activities where I found success enabled me to develop a strong sense of self confidence – that carried over into all aspects of my life. Sports came naturally to me – whereas other activities like dance and music did not!

I think for girls today, it is important to find an outlet and activity you enjoy – and have some success at – as this helps you build confidence in yourself – and creates an immediate network of potential friends! Finding a community service project to actively participate in also is a super way to make friends and learn the value of teamwork. All while feeling good about yourself since you know you are helping others – and enables you to see how fortunate your circumstances likely are to help you not sweat the small stuff in life. High school is a drama for young girls but a worthwhile community service activity just might help put your life in perspective! Volunteer at a soup kitchen, at an inner city elementary school, or help out at Habitat for Humanity.

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