Week 3 Progress using the Dark Circles Corrector Stick

I’ve been continuing on my journey to test the portable little Dark Circles Corrector Stick from Solutions 24  as I aspire to minimize some of those pesky dark circles under my eyes. If you remember, I love how convenient this Dark Circles Corrector stick is since it is so small and totally not messy. I’ve started to now apply it with my fingers instead of rolling it on since I find the tube to be wide for the more narrow nooks between my eyes and nose and underneath my eyes.

Did you know you can even apply this on TOP of your makeup? I keep my corrector stick in my makeup kit and when I freshen up my makeup midday – lip liner, lip gloss, blush and eyeliner, I’m now also quickly dabbing this non-messy corrector stick under my eyes. It feels cool, refreshing, and I think it perks my under eyes up!


All 3 versions of the Solutions 24 Corrector Sticks are for sale for under $13 at all 1800 Walmart stores and at Walmart.com. The item I’m putting to the test is the Dark Circles corrector stick which sells for $11.23 at Walmart.com.

Dark Eye Circles Photo Update Showing my Week 3 Results

You can see my results here as I share my BEFORE  and AFTER photos below. I noticed the most improvement in my first week and feel like things have stabilized in the last week. However, we’ve had a VERY stressful personal week with a death in the family so I think this is a tough week to gauge photo results……

WEEK 1 : Before Using Solutions 24 Clinical Dark Circles Corrector Stick

This photo is my BEFORE image on DAY 1.

Week 2 Photo Update

See my visible progress? I’m very excited to see how this looks week by week as I continue using it knowing that this week was a bit of setback given the stress in our family. IMG_2419.JPG

Week 3 Update after using the Solutions 24 Clinical Dark Circles Corrector Stick

 Walmart Moms 2014 Spring Disclosure

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