What Are Your Tips for Fall Entertaining?

How do you prep the house for a festive fall environment so you can entertain on a minute’s notice? Here are my six tips. I’d love to hear your entertaining ideas!

1. Hit the Apple Orchard!

We try to hit the apple orchard each October to stock up on apples. This way we’ll be ready with countless apples on hand. Apples create the perfect snack time for children to dip in caramel sauce for a treat and if you’re feeling inspired you can whip up an apple crisp for guests. This is also a great way to bring the beautiful colors of fall inside the house!

2. Hay It Up!

I love to “Hay it up” with hay bales by the light post in my driveway, mailbox, and at the front door so the mood of the home for visitors is instantly festive for autumn. Plus, hay bales are an affordable way to set the scene for fall.

3. Rotate Decor

I love to rotate my decorations each season. It makes me feel like I’m continually reinventing my decor. With the start of school, I swap out the wreath on my front door, replenish my vases with fall foliage and autumn bouquets, and rotate all my candles to reflect the brilliant oranges, golds, and reds of the season.

4. Decorate the Bathroom

Prep those areas of your home you often neglect to freshen up or decorate. I tend to go a bit over the top decorating the guest room & guest bathroom – Halloween soap, fingertip towels, and even placing mini pumpkins and gourds on the vanity.

5. Go Natural Crafts

Get creative with nature crafts to keep the children busy during their fall play dates. Let the children bring the outdoors in and make crafts with leaves, pumpkins, twigs, and pinecones. I keep my craft drawer full of glitter, wax paper, glue, and paint so we’re ready to tackle our favorite fall crafts – making wax paper placemats and pumpkin painting.

6. Make Clean-Up a Breeze

The last thing you want to worry about is cleaning when you’re expecting guests. The Scrubbing Bubbles Dirty Work Index says 83 percent of women are prompted to clean if hosting a party or anticipating the extended stay of guests. I agree. Not only do I like a clean home when guests arrive, but a fresh home! I use products like the Scrubbing Bubbles with odor-eliminating formula, because it gets the job done and keeps the house odor-free—which means less stress for me!

* This post is sponsored by Scrubbing Bubbles, but my review and opinions are my own.

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