What We’re Watching: The Octonauts

My littles adore the Octonauts, an animated series for preschoolers on Disney Junior. It’s adorable and combines fun adventures with the chance to learn scientific knowledge about the ocean and marine life. 8 underwater critters team up together to form the Octonauts, a group of heroes who go on missions to save other sea creatures or protect the underwater environment of the ocean.

For instance, in one episode the team of Octonauts clean up algae with nets so the crabs and other animals can go back to their underwater home without getting sick. In other episodes of the Octonauts, they engage with walruses, flying fish, needle fish, and are even at one point trapped under a glacier and need to escape.

The Octopod, their home base underwater, is a sweet ride and is tricked out with tech so the Octonauts can handle their missions and communications. The Octonauts also have cool sea pods that are smaller and enable them to adventure out and about on their adventures to protect other sea creatures.

Here’s what my kids had to say about the Octonauts:

My oldest daughter Kenzie loves the Creature Report because you also get to see REAL pictures that relate to the undersea mission in each episode. Kyle comments he just likes EVERYTHING about the show – the underwater sea creatures, the action, the jingles, and the Octopod.


Mom loves that this is a super way to introduce kids to science facts about sea creatures and background knowledge on ocean habitats in a fun way. Plus, the Octonauts teach kids about the importance of preserving and protecting our world’s oceans.

The animation is excellent too with a real 3D feel that makes even the animated animals like walruses look real. Impressive.

The Octonauts are definitely must watch preschool TV.

The Octonauts airs on Disney Junior at 6:30 AM EST / 5:30 AM CT.

Website: www.theoctonauts.com

Facebook: Facebook/Octonauts

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