What’s the Scoop with the Poop?

What do you do when a terrible diaper explosion happens during inconvenient circumstances? Especially when you don’t have enough wipes nearby to solve the stinky messy crisis! I’d love to hear your Mommy confessions!

Here’s my poop confession.

And yes I admit it is a bit unorthodox and wasteful to cut up a perfect onesie but truly sometimes you just don’t have enough wipes in the diaper bag to handle the mess.

Not to mention getting poop in your babies hair when you try to undress them for an outfit change is no fun either! Sometimes scissors was my answer.

Disclosure: I am being compensated for my participation as an ambassador in the Poo Free Summer campaign by Huggies.  All of the statements I make regarding Huggies products are my honest opinions and not influenced by compensation.

5 thoughts on “What’s the Scoop with the Poop?”

  1. I confess I’ve done the snip before too! My other poo free confession is that first I use the diaper to wipe up as much mess as I can and then I use the wipes. Today Baby C had a blowout for the first time in forever and we didn’t have any extra clothes for her, a friend of mine let me use an extra from her 3 year old and we rolled up the sleeves and used it for a dress 🙂 Life saver!

  2. We had another blowout this morning. I was late for work. The scissor trick would have solved everything. Nothing like a tip from the front lines! I shall throw a pair of scissors into the diaper ba– I mean backpack. 😉

  3. This is hilarious because I deal with this daily and my first neccesity for my home daycare is NEVER run out of wipes but it did happen once and we had to use wet paper towels. I love the snip the onsie and I so wish I had thought of that for when my kids were little having two breastfed infants was explosion after explosion!

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