While I was Gone…..

It hit me that for the 1st time, I missed a first moment. Not a major milestone like walking, talking, giggling, or smiling. Just a tee ball game.  But still, it was a 1st. And the very first “1st” that I’ve ever missed in the 5 1/2 years of calling myself a Mom.

I fear this will be a trend of things to come in the next year and for years to come as my girl grows up. Sadly I’ll get more “vested” in my work -and she’ll need me less and before I know it, I won’t be able to count the firsts I’ve missed as I’m sure there will be so many as she becomes her own beautiful entity.

Luckily she had a little manager to keep her company for the big game. Isn’t he so stinking cute too?

4 thoughts on “While I was Gone…..”

  1. she looks so adorable, and he is stinkin cute and looks like a manager watching her every move. (it was freezing that day!!!)

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