Why Bloggers Love CVS

Last weekend in NYC at BlogHer, I was so excited to be able to work with CVS. When it comes to working with Bloggers and Social Media, CVS is one of those brands that really “get it”. Whenever I tell anyone I work with CVS, they have such great things to say.

During my trip, I was also pampered by CVS Beauty as they were the big sponsor of Getting Gorgeous – an event founded by close friends Vera and Audrey. Audrey is also my co-author of the Digital Mom Handbook so I love that CVS supports my friends in their mission to pamper Moms and bring affordable beauty to everyone.

I just love this photo of the 3 of us – we are all so happy and excited to be together!

So Why do Bloggers Love CVS?


After talking to my bloggy friends, I got a TON of answers. Here’s just a few of the highlights:

We all love CVS for many of the same reasons – a huge one is the INCREDIBLE savings thanks to the Extra Care Rewards.

Earning that cash back is HUGE! We all want to save money and anytime we can save more, we’re very happy!

And let’s not forget the CVS Beauty Club – something I’ve just come more familiar with thanks to my friends Audrey and Vera.


Basically, this program is AWESOME for everyone and especially awesome if you are a beauty junkie Mom. For every $50 you spend on qualifying products, you earn $5 cash back. It’s so easy it’s hard to believe it’s true. Really, these savings make it worth shopping at CVS vs other retailers for your beauty supplies. Especially if you are like me and like to experiment with various lipsticks, foundations, and moisturizers!


CVS does their best to provide all us bloggers with TONS of information and WANTS their customers to save more. I love how when I’m in store they promote using the extra care card so if somehow you don’t have one – you immediately can get one and start saving plus earning cash back rewards.

As a blogger, CVS almost always emails us their sales in advance so we can share them with our audience and take advantage of them ourselves. I’m not a coupon blogger, but for my friends who blog deals on a daily basis, this is a just one more reason why they love CVS.

More thoughts on why my friends and I love CVS…..

Whitney – @WhitneyMWS from Mommies with Style, loves buying Back to School Supplies at CVS – she says their CVS products are awesome & affordable.

Renee – @WhatMommiesNeed loves CVS because she LOVES her pharmacist there. She drives by 3 other pharmacies on her why to CVS when filling a script but won’t go elsewhere. She only goes to CVS because her pharmacist is so fabulous!

Vera – @VeraSweeney is crazy about earning her cash back rewards and using her Extra Care card. She makes awesome CVS haul videos showing the rest of us how we can save a TON of money. Honestly, I think Vera has practically learned how to shop for free she is so great at saving at CVS. I love it!

And forgetting all the savings, I really like that I can go to CVS and literally do the most convenient one stop shopping in less than 5 minutes. When I run out of items and am in a rush, I don’t want to deal with the time it takes to shop a large mass retailer. Instead, I run to CVS and buy everything I need urgently – from milk, bread, toilet paper, a quick birthday party present, and a Greeting card for a sick relative in a flash. Convenience at it’s best!

Here I am getting pampered at Getting Gorgeous thanks to CVS. I’m getting a quick freshened up hair do with NOT YOUR MOTHER’S BRAND dry shampoo – I am obsessed with dry shampoo as it is once again so quick and convenient. Seriously, as a Mom I do NOT have time to take a shower everyday. Sometimes it’s just not in the cards, so dry shampoo is the answer!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Thanks to CVS for working with me on the #WhyBloggersLoveCVS campaign during BlogHer.


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  1. I love them too!!! from the pharmacy to beauty and household products. Always use your extra care card! and if you dont have it, just enter your phone#

  2. Wow I didn’t know I could save with CVS I get stuff from there all the time well thanks for the info of the deals you can get with them since I am a mommy of 2 little ones I can use all the coupons and deals I can get I ran across your blog and another website called http://www.onlineparentdeals.com I posted it in your website section of your page if you want to visit they also have good deals and stuff like yours !! I don’t know if that information helps but i’m glad I have found these two blog sites and I wanted to send out a THANK YOU for the info

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