Wicked Cool Toys at the Mom Mixer #MomMixer #CatPaw

We love to support local companies at our Mom Mixer for social media influencers. This year we were especially excited to partner with the Pennsylvania based toy maker, Wicked Cool Toys who has launched all kinds of innovative trendy hip products for kids in the last year with diverse toys that are fun for kids – and people – of all ages.

At the Mom Mixer, Wicked Cool Toys showcased their VRUM ride on storage toy boxes to a toy line for PBS Kid’s popular TV show, Wild Kratts, to Crashlings, and the catchy Cat Paw that you’ll see my kids toying around with below.

Video of Wicked Cool Toys at the Mom Mixer

Check out the fabulous display Wicked Cool Toys brought to the Mom Mixer below. Kenzie and Kyle love the Cat Paw and we’re all impressed with their innovation across all their toy products.


This the super cool VRUM ride on toy boxes. Kids can cruise about on them, carry them around and of course tinker with all the themed toys inside.

Vrum ride on toy boxes

Kyle is WILD about the Crashlings and basically wants every single set for his birthday coming up in December. He loves collectible small toys so this line is right up his alley.




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