Wild Oats Organic foods at Walmart Available Now

I was very surprised and excited with the news that Wild Oats Organic foods at Walmart are now available in store. The goal is for Wild Oats to provide authentic natural and organic foods to consumers at AFFORDABLE prices.  Wild Oats currently has over 50 products at over 1,500 Walmart stores. The goal is to have close to 100 items in stores by September. Wild Oats tastes FANTASTIC and I love knowing I’m choosing a healthier alternative when I buy organic, so my family is highly anticipating the growth of this natural and organic brand.


While at the Shareholders meeting in Arkansas last month, I was able to meet with the CEO of Wild Oats and we had an in depth discussion about the product line. We also tasted a ton of products – pretzels, salsa, chips, popcorn, and peanut butter. YUM! Everything tasted delicious and I was so impressed with the large number of products Wild Oats manufactures and plans to sell at Walmart. The idea is that people will be able to replace many national brand pantry items – like Pasta Sauce, Salsa, Tortilla chips and popcorn, with these healthier natural and organic options.

You can read more about Wild Oats and see their full product line on the Wild Oats website.

Wild Oats Organic foods at Walmart Available Now

Wild Oats and Walmart’s unique partnership is enabling Wild Oats to leverage Walmart’s scale and world class logistics to provide this lower pricing on organic goods. Hooray! Again, Wild Oats currently has over 50 products at over 1,500 Walmart stores nationwide, but their goal is to almost 100 items in stores by September.


They even sell pantry items like Olive Oil and Ketchup. Love it!


In my own local store, we were able to find the Organic Oat Bran Pretzel sticks on shelf at a very affordable price of $2.98 per bag. Kenzie loves them and so do I too! (At this point, there are not certified gluten free options in the product line but long term they are considering expanding in this area too)

Here’s the pretzels on shelf in our local store. However, given the Wild Oats Organic and Natural items are on a mixed shelf system at Walmart, since Walmart does not have an organic specific section, we had a lot of difficulty finding Wild Oats products  in our local Walmart in our Philadelphia suburb.

I suspect as more and more items become available, store managers will become more familiar with the Wild Oats brand name and be able to direct shoppers to the items they are looking for. Also, I imagine that regionally the amount of Wild Oats items in stores varies greatly as it is all rolling out now.



We can’t wait to see more Wild Oats products at our Local Walmart since I prefer to buy Organic or natural when given the option- especially when it is more affordable too.

Q&A with Tom Casey, Wild Oats CEO

Here’s some more scoop from our Q&A with Tom Casey. He posted this on his blog after meeting the Walmart Moms. Figured I’d let him answer the key questions I had in his own words!

Do Wild Oats products include Genetically Modified Ingredients (GMOs)?

Wild Oats product offering is currently over 90% organic and organic certification requires products to be non-GMO.  For the remaining 10%, Wild Oats uses simple ingredient lists, prohibits 125 unwanted ingredients listed on our website and minimizes genetically modified ingredients.

 Where are Wild Oats products manufactured?

Wild Oats currently works with 20 high quality manufacturers, including 18 in the US, 1 in Italy and 1 in Canada. We’re pleased to be associated with our supplier partners and appreciate their support.

– See more at: http://wildoats.com/blog-posts/special-thanks-walmart-mom-bloggers/#sthash.oIfTDfgo.dpuf

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  1. I just had a can of Wild Oats Chicken Pot Pie Soup and I didn’t like it. I’ve had a lot of different soups since my gastric by-pass operation 4 months ago and this one had no taste at all. On the label it’s pictured as being a whitish creamy soup, but it was more in between watery and creamy. There was hardly any chicken, but I’ve found that’s commonplace among all chicken based soups. It did have a good amount of carrot pieces. I had to add some salt and pepper to give it some taste and I shouldn’t have had to do that. I’m very disappointed in the quality of this soup and I don’t think I will buy any more Wild Oats products.

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