Wordless Wednesday: Camels and a Warthog!

Last week, I took Kenzie and Kyle to the Philadelphia Zoo for the very first time. Decided to invest in the Annual Zoo membership which really is a deal as long as you go more than 1x and especially if you hope to bring guests! So, I brought along my parents to share in the good times and assist me in the adventure. Reinforcements are always a bonus!

The highlight of the trip was a 100 yard camel ride that Mackenzie and her Poppy were able to enjoy. And forgetting all the amazing and awesome close ups we had with Zebras, Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Kenzie was most impressed with this statue of a Wart Hog…. Yes a Wart Hog……Days before we visited the zoo I asked her what she was most excited to see.

She replied “A Wart Hog Mommy. Just like from my Africa Puzzle. You already know Wart Hogs are my favorite animal.”

So she has been telling me this for some time…..I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. Although we haven’t even done the Africa puzzle for months, clearly the wart hog is still her favorite beast of the jungle. Luckily we found this statue – it was as good as the real thing to her!

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