Wordless Wednesday: Zoo Days

Today was just one of those marvelous days that happen when you least expect it. And makes being a parent taste so good – even after a week of sick kids with adventures including puking in the car, diaper explosions in the car seat and 2 rounds of 104 + fevers. I’m at a stage where I’ve come to accept I’ll never likely sleep through the night again or read more than 1 paragraph while at the beach for at least the forseeable future. Or of course sleep past 6:00 AM either. But that’s okay cause there are days like today! Perfect weather and our day at the zoo. No temper tantrums and just pure joy and appreciation from the kids – riding the Swan Boats and super mini choo choo train, loving the animals, and a family adventure high above Philadelphia in the ABC Zoo Balloon ( Kyle at 8 Months included!) I’ll remember today the next time the going gets tough for sure – cause it does always turn around again!

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