Yoga by the Dozen DVD

A few months ago we received this stellar Yoga dvd, Yoga by the Dozen, designed just for kids as a review sample. My entire family – kids included -were beyond impressed with this fun engaging and healthy yoga dvd. 4 yr old Kenzie insisted we give it a try immediately . I’m not surprised as if your kids are like mine, they might like to workout along with Mom to Jillian Michaels or other workout tapes so Kenzie was very excited to have a DVD geared to children & fitness (And trust me it was a workout for Mom to do it with her as I am probably the most inflexible person on the planet. ) Kenzie loved going through the 12 poses with the instructor and on screen kids who were basically her counterparts in the class. The dvd is about 30 minutes long which was just the right time frame to get a healthy workout and keep Kenzie’s attention. Kenzie has a super attention span, so for kids who are more active, they might want to do the DVD in shorter increments. Yoga by the Dozen also sells awesome Yoga Mats with handprints and footprints on it to help the kids get into their poses. We thought this was really helpful for Kenzie ($25) so I’d recommend ordering this as well. They have an entire starter kit for $58. And know Kenzie can do the Downward Dog and give Warrior her best shot. Classy Mommy Approved. Price: $18

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