Zinkies: The latest super tiny toy from the makers of Squinkies

Here’s a new toy trend. We’re excited to review the new line of Squinkies- called Zinkies. The very same toy as a squinkie – only so much smaller and called a Zinkie. You can collect 100’s of styles of Zinkies. We received play set package which retails for $12.99. The Zinkies come with about a dozen Zinkies, a small magnifying glass, tweezers – so you can grab, place, and play with your zinkies – and an actual playset – in the form of a cube box, train, castle or mushroom.

The kids loved Zinkies as their smallness made them only even more intriguing and adorable. Although, the smallness factor will definitely play into the “toys that go missing” factor as we’ve already probably lost a handful of these Zinkies to who knows where.

Here’s Kenzie’s set up all her Zinkies:
Take a peek at our video below for an up close look at Zinkies:

Disclosure: Thanks to BlipToys for providing us samples of Zinkies to facilitate this review.


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