Zootopia Toys Galore Plush, Tsum Tsums, Books and even a Carrot Recorder Pen #ZootopiaEvent

Zootopia!!!! Kids are going to LOVE this movie so it’s exciting to see all the fabulous merchandise available supporting the story and characters – from plush to storybooks to figurines to even a Carrot Recorder Pen that is a duplicate of what Judy Hopps uses in the movie! So much fun! Check out the Zootopia Toys Galore we were given by Disney during the press event at Animal Kingdom.

Zootopia Plush

The Plush critters of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde enjoyed room service of Mickey waffles during a stay in my guest room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge too! Aren’t they cuddly and cute?

Zootopia Storybooks

I love to prep the littlest kids for a new movie, by reading a few stories about the film before seeing it on the big screen. This trick works wonders in helping kids understand the story and not be too fearful during the suspenseful parts. Tons of options for Zootopia – from chapter books to easy readers to beautiful illustrated storybooks and read-alongs with a CD too!

Zootopia Tsum Tsum Collection

Beyond adorable! My kids collect Tsum Tsums and go wild whenever we find new Tsum Tsum collections – which is pretty rare in our area of Philadelphia as we don’t have a Disney Store near us — so we only ever randomly see new ones when Target starts selling something new. Check out the super cute Zootopia Tsum Tsums!

You can buy the Zootopia collection at the Disney Store. 

Disney Zootopia Tsum Tsum Collection

Carrot Recorder Pen

How fun is this Zootopia Carrot Recorder Pen ? It writes and records  so the kids can pretend to be just like Judy Hopps. Kenzie and Kyle are having fun recording various messages and listening to Judy’s voice play too!

Disney Zootopia Carrot recorder pen

Target Exclusives

Target has oodles of really fun Zootopia toys – from plush to cars to figures and a handful of items are EXCLUSIVE just to Target too. Fun! We picked up a bunch of these to review at home and love them all.



Take a Peek at the Zootopia Trailer

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ZOOTOPIA opens in theatres everywhere on March 4th!

Thanks to Walt Disney Animation Studios for inviting me to attend the Zootopia press junket and covering my travel expenses. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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