How to Host a Harry Potter Lunch with a Hogwarts Inspired Menu – It’s Easy!

Phoenix tears or pretzels with dipping mud anyone?

Building on the kids obsession for all things Harry Potter, we surprised them on Saturday with a Harry Potter luncheon in our very own kitchen.

Harry Potter Luncheon

How to Host a Harry Potter Lunch with a Hogwarts Inspired Menu

In the 10 minutes it took the kids and I to drive home from swim team practice, my creative husband pulled all the supplies together to create a low key but totally Harry Potter themed lunch for the family.

The menu was the most exciting part for the kids as we renamed our ordinary lunch choices into spookier versions of the same meal.

Harry Potter Lunch Menu

You can definitely imagine Hermione, Ron or Harry being offered Mud water or peanut butter and smelly jelly. Our favorite dessert option was the pretzels with dipping mud – AKA melted chocolate chips in the microwave!

At Home Hogwarts style Potions Class

Post lunch, everyone popped on whatever Hogwarts garb they owned for some potions explosions and mixtures. Gotta love the power of vinegar, baking powder, and food coloring! We used cool chemistry glassware along with our own dishes and tin foil to let the kids do their own mini experiments with our supervision.

Harry Potter scar

Kenzie was thrilled to wear her Hermione robe from her Halloween costume and Kyle happily sported his Harry scar thanks to black magic marker.

Harry Potter at home Potions

Hermione Robe

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  1. This is great! We love Harry Potter at our house. My son’s 6th birthday party was Harry Potter with flying keys, Butter Beer…the works. Maybe we can have a few friends over for a Harry Potter Play date and I can use some of your suggestions.


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