Plan Toys Market Stall

Cutest toy market stall ever! Love this eco-friendly find from Plan Toys. Here’s my little boy enjoying the Plan Toys Market Stall it at preschool this morning in his classroom. It’s a special toy they bring out every year for a few weeks during their unit on nutrition.


Plan Toys Market Stall

The Plan Toys market stall is on the expensive side at $199, but it is one of those toys that looks classy and fabulous in your home compared to many of the plastic toy kitchens on the market. The natural wood will look excellent in your home compared to crazy bright colors that clash with decor. I know my kids have logged HOURS and HOURS of play for years in their play kitchens and markets playing restaurant, shopping store, and kitchen starting at about 15 months. I swear kids all the way through 3rd & 4th grade kids adore this type of imaginative play with their siblings and friends.

Plus, I always feel good about buying products from Plan Toys since this company is 100% committed to being a green company. All their toys are made from non-toxic natural materials. Their toys also all have an educational twist as well as encouraging imaginative hands on play. Classy Mommy approved!

The Plan Toys market stall comes complete with a sales counter, two panels with 6 pull-out trays, blackboard, and shopping bag hook. The roof is made from 100% cotton and machine washable too. All the fruits and veggies are NOT included with the set, so you’ll have to buy whatever your heart desires in the way of wood or felt play food. Luckily, your kitchen might already be stocked with play food if it is anything like mine!

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  1. Margaret says:

    Thanks for the insightful product review. I am considering the Plan market stall as a Christmas gift for my 2 and 5 year olds. Would a cash register on the counter be acessible from the basket side, or would the slant of the baskets prevent them from reaching it? Also, would my 45″ 5 yr old already be too tall? Thanks for any further insight you can provide.

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