These are the days….

The children love to play in the churchyard after preschool – this truly must be the happiest graveyard in the world as it is constantly full of laughter and smiles. Spying on the sheep, sitting on gravestones pretending they are trains or cars, and playing tag. The perfect way to spend a gorgeous Fall day […]

The Little Grad

The idyllic days of preschool are now a thing of the past. Can you tell how proud Kenzie is? And these photos show the kind of fun she had everyday over the years in this charming setting.

A Rite of Passage….

And so it begins. It may only be the end of the preschool era, but it’s the 1st of many big life milestones. Tomorrow is the big “graduation”, but today marked the last real day of school. I think I’m somewhat heartbroken over my baby growing up so fast and leaving her enchanted preschool- a […]