Tips for Shark Teeth Hunting on Venice Beach #LoveFL

If you’re looking for a mini beach adventure when visiting beaches in Florida, visit Venice Beach, near the Sarasota and Bradenton area, and spend the day hunting for shark teeth. The last 2 years while visiting family in Florida who live in Bradenton we’ve ventured to Venice Beach on a mission to find shark teeth and had an amazing time and lots of success scoring literally DOZENS of shark teeth. Check out our Tips for Shark Teeth Hunting on Venice Beach below.

Shark Teeth Hunting on Venice Beach

Tips for Shark Teeth Hunting on Venice Beach

We’ve got some more really specific details in our post here on How To Find Shark Teeth at Venice Beach and below I’ve got the basics listed too!

1. Park at the Venice Pier and use this as a starting point

2. Arrive and dig at LOW TIDE. Check the local listings so you can time your visit correctly. 

3. Rent a “Venice Snow Shovel” from the pier.  $7.50 each for the day

We ended up renting 3 Venice Snow shovels at $7.50 each as we had 5 of us that were going to potentially be hunting for teeth. This worked out great as I mostly let the kids and Mike do it and then my Dad and I occasionally helped out sifting and/or were the designated collectors of the treasured teeth found. And if you have multiple children, it is great for them to each have their own shovel if you think both kids will be equally inspired to hunt for teeth — otherwise you can imagine needing to negotiate the sharing all day long! It was well worth the $7.50 each for both kids to have their own shovel to use for the day :)

Tips for Shark Teeth Hunting on Venice Beach

Shark Teeth Hunting on Venice Beach

We did out hunt about 1/4 mile from the pier. We heard that further down it was often even better for hunting! However, the past 2 years we’ve gone here and had great success. The key thing is you MUST go at low tide.

Shark Teeth Hunting on Venice Beach Video Highlights

Here’s us chatting live on the beach all about our fun family adventure from this year’s spring break to Florida. Highly recommend this for you and your families if your in the area of Venice beach. Gorgeous water, beautiful beach, and no one will be bored either!!!!! The kids honestly did this for HOURS. Enjoy!

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