57.09 in the 100 Free SCY at Winterfest finals 2018 for Kenzie

57.09 in the 100 Free SCY at Winterfest finals 2018 for Kenzie

1:19.81 for 100 back scy Winterfest 2018

26.89 for 50 Fly SCY - Winterfest finals for Kenzie 2018 - 12 & Under girls

Kenzie swims 100 Fly SCY finals - best time 1:00.98 - YAY!

A Family perspective on the 2017 Mazda CX-5 in our mini review. We love the feel of this vehicle on the road and the AWD and added extras like rear heated seats and a heated steering wheel are amazing! Especially in the snowy weather!

We've partnered with Eureka to share their brand new most powerful vacuum ever - the Floor Rover. It's amazing and super easy to use and move between surfaces and attachments. Check out our Eureka Floor Rover review and demo in our video.

We partnered with Intel to share some of their genius products and were able to demo this Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 powered by the Intel Celeron - love it! Use as a tablet with touchscreen or traditional laptop style with keyboard. Amazing and super affordable on sale now at Walmart for only $249!

Crafty fun that looks so tasty!!! Check out Sweetlings Review from Alex Toys - design your own cupcake and sweet treat!

Hot toy alert! Coming January 2018 Cake Pop Cuties from Tech4Kids - a new take on the Unboxing trend and love of all things slow rise and squishy!!!! Inbox your cake pop for a slow rising toy!

JoJo Siwa Singing Doll Review and demo.

Mickey and the Roadsters Racing Adventures Mickey Plush review and demo - hot toy for 2017.

Vampirina Scare B&B Review from Just Play Toys

Check out this gorgeous Clarins Advent Calendar for the 2017 holiday season. $218 of items for only $125! A beauty surprise every day!

So easy! Calling all LEGO and building fans. If you want a fun way to display all your LEGO mini figures, use Zuru's simple easy to use & reside Mayka Tape. Kenzie partnered with Mayka to showcase some of their hottest new toys this season!

Our crazy kitten Stitch loves to groom Kyle's head! It's hilarious as she sleeps on his head and finds him every day to groom and then fall asleep on his head!

Hamsters in a House Food Frenzy Burger Diner Review - We partnered with Zuru to share this cute demo of their new Food Frenzy line for Hamsters in a House - so cute! 11 new hamsters - drive through delivery of your burger fries & shake too!

Created to look just like the 1921 bear that Daphne Milne gave to Christopher Robin for his 1st birthday & the Winnie the Pooh tales were created about this bear! The Goodbye Christopher Robin Movie hits theaters Oct 13th

Kenzie made a cute review of the original Fidget Cube by Antsy Labs - this Zuru Fidget Cube is awesome & comes in tons of colors styles and patterns

So cute!! Exclusive to the Disney Store, fans will love this years special Advent calendar - Each day has a unique Disney Animators Littles inside

Ultra cute & fun new toys from Moose. Pikmi Pops look like little cake pops & inside are filled with a sweetly scented plush item. How fun!!!

Super cute and totally squishy smooshy fun! Sold in blind bags at Walmart, these smooshy mushy toys are fabulous fun collectibles

Take a peek at the brand new line of Vampirina toys and dolls from Just Play Products. Love the Scare B&B with lots of hidden features too! And V loves to hang upside down & lights up when she's hanging too!

Super soft and cozy! We adore Squishmallows - one of our favorite new 2017 toys for the holiday season. Take a peek in our Squishmallows Plush Review

Buy a Tide Tshirt and a portion of proceeds will go directly to benefit Tide Loads of Hope. Yay!

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