Check out all the new Zootopia toys and Target exclusives / love them!

Check out all the new Zootopia toys and Target exclusives / love them!

Sweet Treats! How we melted chocolate in Silicone molds to create mini valentines Day sweet treats. Melt, freeze, and pop out your chocolates! We took the easy route and used Chocolate Candy Melts from Wilton and literally melted our chocolate bits in the microwave directly in these heart shaped pans. Easy and Fun!

Sweaty running clothes? Laundry tips with Febreze air Purifiers 15 seconds

Febreze Air Purifiers - a great trick to reducing those stinky smells coming from the kids bedrooms!

30 second clip on how Febreze Air Purifiers helps families reduce the dust in their homes

30 second quick kitchen tips with Febreze Air Purifiers

So cute! Opening up blind bags of our new Tsum Tsum Mystery stack packs - series one - we got Minnie, dumbo and more!

So cute! Opening up blind bags of our new Tsum Tsum Mystery stack packs - series one - we got Minnie, dumbo and more!

PAY 10& Under girls at Winterfest 200 Free relay. 3rd place finish. Kenzie leads off 30.04 split.

PAY 10 & under girls medley relay - Kenzie in Fly, Girls in Lane 6 light blue caps.

Kenzie grabs 3rd place in 1:15.73 in the 100 Fly at Winterfest 2016 at the University of Maryland. Best time!

Video demo of the Goldie Blox Zipline Action figure in motion. Fun and easy to build girl inventor kit.

Love the snow scene and winter accessories & family for the Lundby smaland dollhouse. Take a quick tour to see the details!

Calling all Jedi Masters! One of this season's hottest toys for 2015 is the Star Wars Bladebuilders - over 100 combinations, lights, sounds, and various handles and ways to display and play with your light sabers. This set starts with a long blue blade and 2 smaller green blades. Uses AAA batteries.

Check out the hottest toys for the 2015 holiday season. Kmart compiled a list of their Fab 15 and sent all the toys to us so we could review them! These cover boys and girls of all ages and were all tested by Kmart's 1st ever Kid Toy Advisory Board. Coolest job ever right? Check out the scoop on ClassyMommy and Visit for the full details on their Fab 15 list.

Check out our fave gluten free holiday dessert - Pumpkin Mousse! We're using our iPhone6 with Straight Talk service to look up our fave recipes in the kitchen. For the full scoop, see for plan detail.

Coming soon! From Bridge Direct we've got BRAND NEW items coming for Shopkins. check out the new Shopkins Plush that you can Color with Inkoos making them WASHABLE for fun that kids can have again and again! Also, coming new in December inlcudes Shopkins purses, messenger bags and more! so fun!

Pre sale Shopkins Kinstruction sets reviewed here! Check out our video review showing the new Shopkins Kinstructions, a building construction kit that lets kids build the Shopkins playsets they love - each comes with BUILDABLE shopkins too! Bakery, Checkout Lanes, Cafes and more! On presale starting November 19th, 2015 at Toys R Us. Other new products shown here but reviewed in full include the new Shopkins PLUSH that you can color with inkoos and wash and then color again. Cool!

The latest yummy collectibles in The Shopkins Food Fair collection. We check out 3 types and loved them all - the Cool & Creamy, Cupcake and Fast Food collection.

Video demo of Hasbro's new Star Wars Loopin Chewie Game

Video review of Blip Toys Yummie Nummies for kids. Supereasy to make these miniature cupcakes or chocolates. Loving these kids baking kits! Take a peek at how to make Yummie Nummies cupcake prep in this video

We're loving the collaboration of Playskool friends with My Little Pony. Now the littlest toddlers can safely and easily enjoy My Little Pony in these sturdy chunkier styles that are ideal for little hands to play with. Accessories available too like a mini van and castle too so the kids can create imaginative games with their Pkayskool friends my little pony figures

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