10 Ideas to Create Your Own DIY Harry Potter Decor Bedroom

Check out our inspired Harry Potter Bedroom! After living in our home for 17 years, there was one last room that we haven’t touched – the guest bedroom. The extra space has long ago evolved into a junk room – storing our old clothes, toys, gift wrapping, printer supplies… you get the idea. Unexpected circumstances and lots of cancelled plans changed all that! With more time at home and with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Universal Studios) now closed, we thought why not create a little Harry Potter magic of our own.

10 Ideas to Create Your Own DIY Harry Potter Bedroom

We proudly present…our Harry Potter Bedroom!

Harry Potter bedroom

Harry Potter Bedroom Decor

Harry Potter trunk

Our inspiration began with a few Harry Potter items that we already owned. A set of wands and the Harry Potter sweater, “made” by Mrs. Weasley. The first accessory we bought for the room, was this great trunk on Amazon.

Harry Potter wand display

Next we created this wand display to hold the kids’ Harry Potter wands, many of which we had bought at Olivanders Wand Shop. We found a plank of wood in the garage and used these vintage hooks. Add a little stain and voila!

Harry Potter antique mirror

Our first major effort was applying the stone wall paper. We wanted the stone-look to reflect Harry’s dorm and were happy with the Peel-n-Stick wallpaper that we found at Home Depot.

We had a great find on eBay for an oval antique mirror. The size was just right and the look really added to the Victorian charm.

Harry Potter DIY portraits

No Harry Potter theme is complete without a couple of somewhat-creepy looking portraits. We created these DIY works of art with some wood moulding from Lowes and two inkjet prints of high resolution photos of actual famous works of art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art – free to download!

Harry Potter fireplace

Next we needed a centerpiece to really bring the room to life. Credit goes to Kyle for suggesting this electric fireplace. And don’t forget, wizards in Harry Potter travel using fireplaces and the Floo Network. We love it! It looks great, we can run the “fire” with or without heat, and it will make this room perfectly cozy on any cold, winter night. We accessorized the mantel with a deer antler we had saved years ago from our backyard (a nod to the antler collection in The Three Broomsticks restaurant), some wizarding books, and electric candles.

Harry Potter table

For our bedside tables, we found these great hand-carved tables, with beautiful inlaid gold decoration.

Harry Potter pillow

Kyle already had this Harry Potter pillow from Pottery Barn Teen with the classic phrase used to activate the Marauder’s Map – I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good. We found this comforter set at Bed Bath and Beyond. The bed headboard is from Pier One Imports.

Harry Potter letter

Kenzie had the great idea for a small corner desk. We antiqued it with some hardware accessories and Rub ‘n’ Buff Metallic Gold Wax.

Perhaps our favorite part of the room is the “magic” experience. Using the Kymera Magic Wand, we can control everything in the room with a flick and swish of the wrist – from the fireplace, to the candles, to the music. We also used an old iPhone SE and programmed it with Voice Control so that you can cast spells in two ways – with a wand or with your voice. The letter shown on the desk lists all the spells you can cast and we antiqued it with a sponge and coffee.

Harry Potter keys

The Flying Keys scene from the Sorcerers Stone is one of our favorites so we wanted to add this element to our Harry Potter bedroom. With that as inspiration, we created this small tribute wall, complete with the Mirror of Erised and hundreds of antique keys – each individually hung!

Harry Potter 9-3/4 pillow

To finish out our flying keys corner, we added a brown leather ottoman with metal rivets from Pier 1 Imports and threw in a velvet 9-3/4 Platform pillow from Potter Barn Teen.

Harry Potter window drapes

We brought our windows to life with these great velvet hanging drapes and a little custom lattice work – courtesy of a lot of patience, a little geometry, and some thin black tape. We love how they came out.

Harry Potter floating bookshelves

How can any Harry Potter room be complete without the books? And if you’re going to display books in a Harry Potter room, they have to float, right? Of course, and that’s just what we did with the Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelves and this brass owl Hedwig tribute (eBay) for a touch of class.

Harry Potter light

When you walk down Diagon Alley at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, it’s the details that make the place come to life. With that in mind, we looked for just the right accessories to bring this room to life. On the corner desk, we have this small trunk, hour glass, and Edison tube lamp.

Harry Potter snitch clock

This huge Edison lamp (almost the size of a volleyball!) brought this old lamp to life. Kenzie was kind enough to donate her Snitch clock to our Harry Potter Bedroom efforts as well.

Harry Potter DIY Nimbu broomstick

Kudos to Kenzie for her great idea for the Harry Potter Bedroom “pièce de résistance” – Harry’s very own Nimbus 2000 broomstick – handmade from a tree branch taken from the tree outside the room’s window! We roughly followed these DIY broomstick instructions. We also created the bedside lanterns with some extra wood (from the same plank we used for the wand display), plant hangers, and antique lanterns.

Here’s a 360 panoramic view of our Harry Potter Bedroom that you can click-n-drag around to immersive yourself into the room. It’s like you’re really there!

And finally, no mention of Harry Potter on this website is complete without including little Kenzie’s tour of Steve Harvey around Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

“Fawkes is a phoenix, Harry. Phoenixes burst into flame when it is time
for them to die and are reborn from the ashes.”
— Albus Dumbledore —

10 Ideas to Create Your Own DIY Harry Potter Bedroom

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