15 Best Election Books for Kids

Who else can’t stop talking about the Presidential election? Check out this list of 15 Best Election Books for Kids. We’ve got both non-fiction and fictions titles in our election books for kids list. All of these are a great options with familiar characters like Curious George, Splat the Cat, Amelia Bedelia, the Cat in the Hat and more!

What’s your favorite election book to read to your kiddos or your class at school? Some of these books focus on the election process in the USA and others are just about the idea of VOTING in general. We have a few election themed stories for Middle Grade readers too!

15 Best Election Books for Kids

If your kids want to learn more about the Electoral College Process and the tally of votes designated to each state across the United States, feel free to print and share our Free Printable Electoral College Map. Coloring in this map is a fun engaging way to keep the kids involved in the Presidential election process.

15 Best Election Books for Kids

Here’s our list of the 15 Best Election Books for Kids. We’ve included a mix of fiction and non-fiction. Some classic favorite characters and of course some great educational readers. Plus just some plain fun books for middle grade readers that are “election” related – something all middle school and even older elementary school kids will relate to as they hold their own student council or student government votes each school year.

Duck for President

Teachers or homeschooling parents can even get a great election companion guide to Duck for President from Scholastic. Enjoy this fun one. These books are always so silly and great for young readers.

A Kids Book About Voting

These books are beautiful! Check it out here to order any of the various amazing titles from the series of A Kids Book About whatever topic you choose to learn more about!

15 Best Election Books for Kids

Curious George Votes

One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote – Cat in the Hat

This Cat in the Hat nonfiction Election book is great to learn more about voting. Read it for Election Day President’s Day, or anytime you want to teach your kids more about the election process.

Splat the Cat for President

Splat the Cat for President

What’s the Big Deal About Elections

From ballots to bonfires, from suffrage to stumping, this kid-friendly picture book filled with fun facts and historical trivia shows why voting is so important and why America gets to call its government a body of, by, and for the people.

If I had Your Vote – Cat in the Hat

All about the changes that the beloved Cat in the Hat would actually make if he was elected president of the United States. A fun cute introduction to young readers to the White House and voting.

Amelia Bedelia’s First Vote

We love Amelia Bedelia! She makes everything more silly and fun – even a school election!

Amelia Bedelia's First Vote

The Night Before Election Day

We always loved the “Night Before” Kindergarten and First Grade books. Here’s one about the “night before” Election Day.

Bad Kitty for President

My daughter ALWAYS loved reading Bad Kitty books. Lots of cartoons and an easy “chapter” book for elementary schoolers. In this story, an absentee ballot makes all the difference!

Black Lagoon Adventures: The Class Election from the Black Lagoon

Another easy fun chapter book for elementary school kiddos.

Lillian’s Right to Vote: A Celebration of the Voting Rights Act of 1965

ABC What an Informed Voter You’ll Be

A non-fiction book that will make everyone very informed from A-Z about the US government and voting process.

Otto Runs For President

Grace For President

Grace for President is a bestseller! Why every vote counts! Grace is inspired when she learns in school that the USA has NEVER had a female President!

Hope our list of the 15 Best Election Books for kids helps you curate your own reading titles for the kids in your family or classroom.

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