2020 Free Printable Electoral College Map

It’s time to VOTE! Check out our 2020 Free Printable Electoral College Map. Are you looking to engage your children or students in the election process? This 2020 Free Printable Electoral College Map is a great resource to engage both younger and older students about how the Electoral College process works in the Presidential election.

We’ve also got a curated list of the 15 Best Election Books for Kids too with both non-fiction and fiction titles, along with some beloved classic characters! Check our election book list for kids here.

I’ve never seen so many people so passionately engaged in a Presidential election. It’s amazing to watch my own children and all my own friends chatting about swing states and explaining just how this Electoral College process works.

Printable Electoral College Map

2020 Free Printable Electoral College Map

Download, print and enjoy this 2020 Free Printable Electoral College Map. Check out the link below the preview image of our map here.

Note: Be sure to download this PDF at the link below and then hit print. This link below will let you print everything so you have high resolution. Enjoy!

This image is a sample of what you can print. You’ll notice it shows the current electoral votes allocated to each state if you are keeping your own tally of the 2020 Presidential election.

2020 Free Printable Electoral College Map

You can color in each state to track and graph the election in progress. Seeing the “electoral college” votes that each state receives on a map visually really helps kids understand the Electoral College process. It all seems very complicated until you look at it on a map.

Kids can color the states in blue or red depending on who wins each state. This is a great way to engage in the Election process when you are too young to vote.

2020 Electoral College Map Free Printable

Are you or you kids tracking the electoral vote count? I profess I’ve been coloring states in blue and red as we’ve been going through the election!

More Election Resources for Students

For virtual learners, home school students or even adults aspiring to learn more about the election process, check out this great online election resource from PBS. The Election Collection is literally election central. Full of free online educational materials all about the election perfect for students of all ages.

PBS Online Election Educational Guide

Parents and educators of middle and high school-aged kids can help them not only keep up with election news, but also learn about the history and process of presidential elections with this collection of videos and activities.

Interactive Online Electoral College Map

The interactive Electoral Decoder, for example, allows learners to explore electoral college results from previous elections, and predict the outcome of the upcoming election.

Parents and kids can toy around with this online election decoder if they are curious about the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election. You can click each state to mark it as Democrat or Republican win and you can see how it all adds up.

Online Election Decoder

Daniel Tiger Election and Voting Resources

For the preschoolers, PBS even offers some Daniel Tiger options for kids to learn about voting. understand voting and the process of doing so,

If voting in-person this year, this video resource familiarizes younger kids with the voting process before they join parents at the polls. There’s even see a a step by step guide on how their grownup votes.

Let the Kids Count Votes

For the presidential race, students can use crayons to color an electoral map as each state is decided and help them graph the electoral votes as they come in.

Preschoolers could also use jars and beans — or candy — to help kids see percentage wins for certain measures or propositions. Elementary kids could calculate the percentages!

Kids can count out the percentages from 100 beans and place them into jars with labels on what each means so that they can truly visualize to understand the results.

Using our 2020 Free Printable Electoral College map will help kids experience how the Presidential election looks on paper. A terrific way to understand the electoral college process.

Take Your Kids to the Polls

Do you take your children to the polls? What could be a better way to learn about the democratic process?

I’ve always brought my kids with me so they can learn about our right to vote. This year, I used a mail in ballot for the 2020 election and returned it via a local election dropbox at our local town library in advance of voting day. But you can be sure I had both kids watch me fill out my ballot and go with me to drop it off at our election dropbox!

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