20 Things To Do When Snowed In During a Blizzard This Winter

Who else is bracing for the upcoming Blizzard in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast? If your like us here in Philly, we haven’t really had snow yet this winter so kids are ECSTATIC for the white stuff . December was abnormally warm,  but it’s time for the snow to fall.  As snow days are approaching, it’s always good to have some ideas on hand before cabin fever hits the whole family! Check out our list of 20 Things To Do When Snowed During a Blizzard.


 20 Things To Do When Snowed In During a Blizzard

  • Play in the snow!!! Snow ball fight, build a snow man, or even an igloo! There is something so magical about a snow day with the kids and little red noses.
  • Create a Hot Cocoa Bar: Perfect way to get warm after playing in the snow! Provide the kids with cups, whip cream, marshmallows, candy canes, chocolate sauce and other goodies!! They will love building their very own!

Hot Cocoa Bar

  • Snow cones: After playing in the snow with the kids, gather up clean, freshly fallen snow and bring it inside. Divide it into cups and pour lemon juice and a little sugar or frozen juice concentrate over each and you and the kids can enjoy some scrumptious homemade snow cones.
  • Make cute snow men book marks! Such a fun craft.
  • Game on: Break out some of your favorite board games or card games and make it a little tournament.
  • Make a fort:  I used to love making forts in my basement or family room out of sheets and couch cushions. Make it an indoor campsite for the snow day:)
  • S mores: Make your living room the perfect camp fire spot. Dim the lights, put on your PJs and get cozy by the fire while making a favorite!
  • Use up one of your favorite cereals! 
  • Play charades: Make teams up with the family , and aand be prepared to laugh!!!
  • Knock on the doors of elderly and ask if they would like their drive way done for free 🙂
  • Make a pine cone bird feeder:  Find a pine cone in your yard, at peanut butter to the inside of the cone and put outside where you can see birds. Perfect snow day scenery!
  • Do an indoor scavenger hunt. Make a quick list of items your kids can find around the house, print them up, and let them go searching! Even throw a prize into the mix.
  • Play bingo.. or better yet, snow day bingo. Check out this free printable.
  • Make your very own 3D snow flakes!
  • Make homemade play doh:
    1 cup flour 1/2 cup salt 2 tbsp. cream of tartar 2 tbsp. oil 1 cup water food coloring (optional) Scent (cinnamon, vanilla, mint, etc. – also optional) In a saucepan, mix flour, salt, cream of tartar, scent ingredient, and oil. Slowly mix in water until it’s all smooth. Then turn the heat on medium and stir until it forms a ball of dough. I used a heat-resistant rubber spatula so I could scrape the bottom of the pan easily. Once it’s a ball, plop it onto some wax paper until it’s cool enough for you to touch.
  • Have a dance party. Stay warm and keep moving. Let the kids play DJ for the day!
  • Bake the afternoon away!  Check out these delicious trail mix cookies we love!
  • Movie day! Get comfy, make some pop corn and play your favorite movies.
  • Play hide and seek around the house.
  • Tackle a Pinterest craft. It’s been on your board for months…. perfect day to do it with the kids

Now… are you ready for when your next snow day is?! All these fun ideas actually have me excited to be inside with a warm cup of hot chocolate!

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