A Room with a View in Santa Monica

I’m in heaven. Take a peek at the view from my hotel room in Santa Monica. Crazy right? Seriously I feel like I’m living someone else’s life when I go on these press trips for work as I leave the ordinary days of Mommyhood in suburbia for the glam excitement of California – complete with mountains, palm trees, ocean view rooms, and the chance to get up close & personal with movie stars.


Tonight I’m seeing the soon to be released movie Big Miracle. I’m so intrigued about this story and can’t wait to meet Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski, Ted Danson, and Kristen Bell tomorrow. More to come on details about the movie!

Like I said – going on these trips is surreal. Sometimes I think I’ve been body snatched…..

Yet, it’s always bittersweet when I go on trips for work. California and interviewing movie stars is a GIGANTIC wow. But missing my kids and trying to connect the dots for all of their child care is a juggling act since I’m a full time Mom.

This time I’m personally feeling energized and excited to get great content for my site and to meet new people after laying low for almost 3 months to focus on the family after the craziness of last year writing The Digital Mom Handbook and all that went with it. But like any Mom who leaves her kids for work obligations, I feel the Mom Guilt is an ever present force.

The good news is that my kids will be ultra appreciative of my return on Saturday so it’s great for my “mom” confidence even if it means saying prayers long distance on the phone for nightly tuck-ins and getting calls from the Kindergarten center about confusion on transportation when they lost my note yesterday explaining logistics !


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