Air Wick National Park Scents

If you like Air Fresheners, check out these new National Park outdoor scents from Air Wick available at Walmart.

Air Wick partnered with the National Park Foundation to craft fragrances that capture the rare essence of our National Parks. The new National Park limited edition fragrances introduced this spring are : Grand Canyon, American Samoa, Denali, Hawai’i Tropical Sunset, Virgin Island Paradise Flowers, and Gulf Island. These would be great for families that want an outdoor smell or floral smell inside their home.

We received Grand Canyon, Denali and American Samoa to sample at home. Notice how the scents are in glass containers – I love this so I can recycle them when I’m done. Air Wick air fresheners are really simple to use – simply plug and play so to speak. Open up your glass bottle of air freshener, click it into the Air Wick base, and then plug the unit into your outlet. You can adjust the amount of scent you want to be released with the turn of a dial on the Air Wick base.

We don’t normally use air fresheners as I tend to opt instead to use  scented candles when I’m entertaining or in the evening after dinner to relax when we’re watching TV or reading a book. I opt for Apple or Cinnamon scent families vs. florals so these smells were a change from the type of scents I usually bring into our home.

We tested out the National Park scents in our downstairs foyer area so we could get a feel for the smell and how Air Wick worked. It definitely was quickly noticeable and spread throughout our home – even on the low dial setting.  Our favorite of the 3 we tested was the Denali scent. This offers a real fresh outdoor smell that literally smells like fresh spring air. It would be wonderful in a guest room.


I like to use air fresheners in rooms that are often closed up to give them a fresher scent instead of a dusty one – like a guest room. I think they are also great in a powder room or in a below ground finished basement to prevent any moldy smells from accumulating. I recommend avoiding these in the kitchen area as there are already so many smells in the kitchen from baking that mixing scents can be undesirable.

I especially love that Air Wick is promoting our National Parks via this partnership and these products. Visiting National Parks are one of  our most favorite travel experiences – both before having children and now with children. Last year we hit the Tetons and Yellowstone with the kids and we are anxious to do the Grand Canyon with them next.

Learning about the outdoors, hiking, exploring, and having a family adventure at a National Park creates memories that will last a lifetime. Hopefully, being reminded of these fresh outdoor scents and seeing the packaging promoting National Parks will remind families to make the time to visit a National Park or add one to their travel bucket list for a future adventure!

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation and samples for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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