First Birthday Decorations

Planning your baby’s 1st birthday party? Here you can pick a theme (Jungle Animal kit is pictured) and then pick and choose what you need to complete your party! With everything matching for your theme, from cups to cutlery to napkins, this is the perfect place to pick out all your matching birthday necessities. You … Read more

Snap Totes Coupon Code

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Twilight Eclipse Party Supplies

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Wilton Princess Carriage Shaped Pan

Wow. The pans Wilton sells really do make "Cake Boss" style baking possible for the everyday Mom. And at such an affordable price! This pan is $11 on Amazon! My best friend’s Mom just made the most beautiful Princess & the Frog "carriage" out of this cake pan. She decorated it so that it looked … Read more

Little Capers Big Capes

We reviewed the original Litter Capers Super Hero shirts last year when Kenzie was 18 months old. This magnificent product brought tons of imaginary play and excitement – what kid doesn’t love a cape? Now, they’ve launched Big Capes which are all Cape – 31 inches long! Boy and girl colorways in shimmery material with … Read more

How to Throw a Candyland Birthday Party

It’s a budget friendly Candyland party too! Check out our ideas on how to throw a candyland birthday party below.
How to throw a Candyland Birthday Party

Thanks to our guest writer, Iris Metal for this story.

How to throw a Candyland Birthday Party

The day after my son Brody turned 4, I started planning his 5th birthday party. Yes, I am one of those “passionate” party planners who is always thinking of the next party, even if the party is a year away. Fortunately, Brody is still at an age where I can coax him into wanting a party theme that I secretly want to throw. This year, I wanted so badly to throw a Candyland party. I had just started my obsession with reading party blogs, and candy buffets were everywhere! And of course I am a sweets lover, along with my two children. My husband doesn’t care much for sweets, so he finds it humorous when he sees me as excited as our kids when we pass a candy shop, ice cream parlor, or bakery. Another reason why I had to throw a Candyland party is the fact that Brody and I love playing the board game. It is always so much fun sitting down on the floor and staring at a board full of yummy treats and bright colors while spending quality time with my little one.

To start the party planning process, I always start with what colors I want to use so I can start designing the customized party printables (the banner, labels, cupcake toppers, etc.). Without a doubt, the Candyland board game was my inspiration.

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How to Throw an Olivia the Pig Birthday Party (On a Budget!)

Wonder how to throw an Olivia the Pig birthday bash on a budget? Here’s a guest post from Iris with all kinds of tips below. I also love the free Olivia printables from that make hosting and decorating a breeze.

How to Throw an Olivia the Pig Birthday Party

Some time after my daughter Skylar turned one, she began demanding to watch Olivia on Nick Jr. She could barely say it, but every night when it was time for her nighttime bottle, she would say “Oleeva, Oleeva!” I don’t even remember when we first watched the cartoon, but somehow, in my little girl’s mind, she knew that she wanted to watch Olivia. And it soon became an obsession. She didn’t watch that much TV, but if the TV was on, it could only be Olivia on the screen. The strange part was, I too became obsessed with this cute little pig and found the cartoon quite entertaining. Thus, I began planning Skylar’s Olivia the Pig birthday party.

Being a stay-at-home-mom, whenever I start party planning, the first thing on my mind is keeping the party budget low. Fortunately I am pretty good at finding deals and being creative when it comes to stretching the dollar. Here are some of my tips for keeping a party budget low:

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