Declutter Challenge: Organizing the Bathroom Closet

Small steps to get organized yield big results. Yesterday, the kids and I tackled the linen closet in my master bathroom that stocks EVERYTHING for us from cleaning products to medicines to all our beauty care goodies. It’s a total mess with so much stuff it’s virtually a drug store at home!

Take a peek at my messy BEFORE photos of my master bathroom closet. Yikes!


And for the full closet view…..


Half of our problem is not being able to find anything. So, when Walmart tasked me with $35 to take one trouble area in my home, I knew I could try and work some magic with organizational products in our closet to help me streamline the mess by being able to actually identify everything.

I bought a 5 fabric storage bins that were $4.97 each at Walmart. These were a substantial size, not too expensive, and I figured a great way to sort all our products by labeling each bin. This way I’ll know now what I need to buy and what I’ve already got in stock!

People say if everything has a place, it’s easy to stay organized. I agree and half my problem is typically that I don’t have assigned places for everything!


Part of the process also of course included a ton of purging. We found stuff in there  we hadn’t used in YEARS along with tons of expired medicines that we needed to discard.


Take a peek at our AFTER photos. It’s not perfect but definitely a step in the right direction! Just labeling and identifying everything makes me feel better. Items are sorted, I know what we have in the house, what we need to purchase, what we could give to a friend and most importantly I’ll always be able to quickly find whatever I might need now!


Here is the full closet view AFTER our declutter challenge:


I also bought several $0.97 small plastic containers for tiny items like our collection of sewing kits or additional lip balms and chapsticks that were brand new in package just waiting to be used.


To keep our motto of everything having it’s place, we also bought some $1.97 medium sized plastic containers to keep first aid and shaving supplies.

I honestly think we could buy and label many more bins and this would keep us organized naturally all the time, but I’m thrilled with our efforts and how the master bathroom closet looks after the declutter challenge.

Disclosure: Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 



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  1. Getting organized is my #1 new years resolution and my closet looks just like yours! I am making a point to tackle it tomorrow- for sure!

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