Filming a Walmart Commercial

Crazy week!  I spent 24 hours in California to film a commercial for Walmart a few days ago. I’ll be able to share more details on the project later this month when my commercial airs on TV, but for now here’s some fun photos from our day.


I’ve done lots of work on camera but filming a commercial was a totally new experience for me with all kinds of challenges – #1 being you are filming LIVE at Walmart – think shopping cart traffic, cars bipping by in the parking lot and all kinds of outside influences that we couldn’t control, so this meant the entire process of capturing just 30 seconds, takes hours and hours to film. (Think – I get the line right, but a car pulls out behind me – or I get the line wrong when everything is perfect – and let’s repeat that process 100 times! )

I’ll be co-starring in the commercial with another Mom. We totally loved the hair and make up treatment. Being constantly touched up during the day – and even between takes rocked!


Wish I could have spotted the Pacific but the whirlwind trip and my tight schedule didn’t let that happen. But I loved the California mountains everywhere in LA and all the road signs reminding me that I was 3000 miles from home.


A cute shot of us shooting in the parking lot with our camera crew. Yup, they are really holding poster board above and below us to prevent glare and shadows and to create whatever camera magic they needed to happen in the bright sunlight.


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  1. It’s too bad people don’t realize when they live better today shopping at Walmart they’re contributing to poor living conditions of our future with joblessness etc.. we would all live better if Walmart only bought and or manufacture American made products to sell to the americans

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