Finding myself on Walmart Checkout TV

Just a tiny bit surreal!

Appearing in a video on Walmart Checkout TV definitely needs to be added to the list of the  things I never expected to occur when I ventured into the online blogging space  over 6 years ago.

Sadly, I couldn’t impress the kids with my new “Walmart” TV moment of mini fame as my local Walmart doesn’t have any Checkout TV’s – I admit we checked.

Anyhow, someone from California snapped my photo on Check Out TV and shared it with me so I thought it was fun to hear the videos we made earlier this spring did indeed air in Stores.

The video clips are with myself and a few of my girlfriends talking about our experience with the brand new Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner line that just launched in stores this spring from Unilever.

Here’s my video chatting about the Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy line:

You can see all of us looking glam and giving our testimonials on the Walmart website here.

This might just be my all time best hair day ever! You can read about my day on set here – getting made up and beautiful was so much fabulous and cool – seriously they made me feel like a Movie star instead of my usual self – Suburban Mom to Kenzie & Kyle!

Did you know that 99& of your hair’s natural strength and beauty comes from your scalp?  

The new Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy innovates the way we care for our hair to make it stronger and more beautiful by actually focusing on the scalp instead of the ends of our hair. I LOVE this concept. And I swear my hair truly felt so much softer and healthier after my 7 day challenge. (I noticed it after just 2 washes!)

Essentially, Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy aims to FEED the scalp with Nutrium 10 technology- a blend of 10 vitamins and nutrients.

Available in stores now!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Walmart and I received free shampoo & conditioner from Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy to participate in the 7 day challenge. I was compensated for my time in Los Angeles filming but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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