Fly Fishing Adventure in West Yellowstone

Nothing is more “Montana” than moments on the river fly fishing! We had a fabulous Fly Fishing adventure in West Yellowstone Montana thanks to the guides from Arrick’s Fly Shop. My Dad is a expert Fly Fisherman so on our trip to Montana’s Yellowstone Country we couldn’t wait to explore the many rivers and streams he’s been telling me about for years.

If you are considering a visit to Yellowstone Country and wonder what activities to add to your itinerary, definitely include a 1/2 day fly fishing experience. You’ll love experiencing the beauty of Yellowstone Country, the quiet solitude of time on the river, and reeling in some big fish!

Arrick’s Fly Fishing Guides Think of Everything

We went on a 1/2 day guided tour with Arrick’s Fly Shop and it was AMAZING! We were beginners and Arrick’s guides were incredible plus they outfit you in all the gear you need – waders, boots, and all the fishing rods and lures you’ll need. They even have kid sizes!

When it comes to actually coaching you on how to fish, these guides were incredible. We went with Wyatt and Oliver and absolutely adored them both. I highly recommend either guide if you are booking a trip. Both were patient teachers and were happy to teach us little tips and tricks to be certain we would easily catch fish.

Oliver actually seemed like a fish “whisperer” of sorts. He could literally sense a fish on my line when I had no clue there was a fish biting. It was uncanny. There was a period when he was working with just me for about 15 minutes and for every cast I made, he’d then tell me when to reel it in and I caught a dozen fish right in a row!

When it comes to family travel, it’s great to find adventures where the entire family can participate. My 11 year old son was able totally catch fish just as easily as the parents!

Fly Fishing the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park

Arrick’s offers lots of local options on where to fish but we decided to actually go inside the gates of Yellowstone Park for our fishing experience on the Madison River. You can only fish inside the gates of Yellowstone National Park if you are with a guide, so we thought it would be cool to take advantage of that opportunity.

The guides have lots of places in mind on where to fish and know all the hidden little small roads that access the river. We were the only group fishing at our spot which was great!

As you can tell from our photos, it was a very chilly June day, so we did need to get totally bundled up to stay warm.

Even though we had never officially been “fly fishing” before, all of us caught lots of fish thanks to the knowledge of our guides. Awesome! We’d love to go back and do it again on a warmer day when we could soak up some sunshine and wear less layers!

The guides even took the time to help us cross the Madison River to see if the fish were biting more on the other side of the river. (The guides know all the secret fishing hot spots!)

You’d think wading across a river would not be that difficult but it seriously took skill and the guides took us across one at a time. We actually all needed to link arms with our guides to help us make it across without falling.

Video Recap of Fly Fishing in Yellowstone

More Fly Fishing Photos with Arrick’s Fly Shop

We definitely recommend Arrick’s Fly Shop if you are looking to book a guided fishing tour. The guides truly were incredible and made our day seamless. From fitting into boots and waders, to carrying our gear, to untangling my twisted fishing line!

My Dad has actually been to Montana fly fishing for years, fished on the Madison River before, and he was even very familiar with Arrick’s Fly shop too so it was cool to feel like we were walking in his footsteps on our visit.

If you visit West Yellowstone, be sure to pop into Arrick’s if you need any Fly Fishing advice, gear, or guides to take you out fishing.

And their guides definitely have a real feel for where the fish are biting and which trails to take to access the river so your success catching fish with a guide — assuming you are a novice like my family – will be priceless!

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