Kid Foodies: Generations Riviera Maya is the vacation for you #KarismaExperience #Mexico

In April, I visited Generations Riviera Maya, known for its Gourmet Inclusive Experience® and family-friendly luxury vacations. I had access to dozens of  Karisma Hotels and Resorts’ restaurants while on this trip, and each restaurant had its own culinary flair from Italian to Mediterranean. We even dined at a wine restaurant that only served food made with wine!

Generations has now expanded its daily childcare program to offer Little Eko Chefs, which is a culinary experience for kids between the ages of 4-12. They will be introduced to the resort’s eco-friendly greenhouse and will learn ways to incorporate these ingredients into their cooking. The class is complementary to guests of the hotel.

Some of the classes that will be held daily at the Eko Kids Club include:

  • The History of Chocolate – Kids will start with the cacao bean and convert it with artisanal equipment into chocolate mixing with all the corresponding ingredients. Finished chocolate will be molded it into bars with Eko Kids wrappers.
  • Tamale Making Class – In this fun class, kids will learn the process making both savory and sweet tamales in a corn husk or banana leaf before eating for lunch
  • Sushi Class – Kids will learn the history of sushi before being taught how to properly fill and roll sushi
  • Shaved Ice – This cool class (literally!) will teach kids how to shave ice themselves using natural fruit based toppings
  • Pasta Class – Kids will learn how to make their own pasta dough and turn it into spaghetti and raviolis to share for dinner with your family
  • Mexican Tortilla Making – From start to finish, kids will learn the entire process of tortilla making, including how to grind corn by hand, turning it into tortilla dough, forming tortillas in the press and even learning additional side products to create like tortilla chips, empanadas and sopes. Ole!
  • Mexican Sweets (Dulces Mexicanos) – In this class, kids learn the history of and preparations in making these delectable unique Hispanic sweets
  • Greenhouse Harvest – Kids will choose from ingredients brought in from the nearby Greenhouse, including tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and herbs, to create garden fresh soup and salad in the Eko Kids kitchen
  • Artisanal Ice Cream Making – Kids will create their own mix of fruits to blend and mix before pouring into the ice container to be spun by hand until ice-cream is formed
  • A Taste of the Senses – What you see is not what you taste! This interactive activity teaches kids that what is seen with our eyes can vary dramatically from what’s expected

To kick off this one-of-a-kind program, MasterChef Junior’s Season 1 winner Alex Weiss will host a three-day culinary adventure for the entire family on August 15-17. Experience eco-friendly, hands-on cooking classes, enjoy an afternoon tea party with the 14-year old celebrity chef, and celebrate with a pasta dinner party on the deck.

eko chefs generations resort


“I’m very excited to host the debut of this awesome culinary program for kids at Generations Riviera Mays,” said Alexander Weiss. “The Little Eko Chef‘s concept is such a rare opportunity for kids like me, who love to cook and eat, to discover new foods from around the world, gain hands-on cooking basics, and learn easy recipes while having fun.”

Whether your kids are future MasterChef contestants or not, they’ll find plenty to do at the Eko Kids Club with game consoles, a climbing wall, ball pit, and much more.

To enjoy this culinary experience along with Karisma’s swim up infinity suites and unlimited butler service, make your reservations here.

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