Grand Turk Cruise Center

The perfect day. Our ship arrived  before 7AM and we were on the beach swimming in the crystal clear waters of Grand Turk before 8 AM. We could snorkel in our swim goggles too. We saw tons of awesome fish – even Kenzie could “scuba dive” as she called it with her goggles. She wore her swim vest and goggles out in the deep water with me for about 2 hours!  It was the perfect island destination designed just for the cruise ships to dock.

Kenzie posing in front of the Carnival Pride.

You get off the boat and walk about 200 meters down the pier and the beach is right there along with a huge wrap around swimming pool and Margaritaville Restaurant, duty free shops, music, Palm Trees, and plenty of sand & sea to enjoy. This is definitely an island where you do NOT need to book an excursion, especially if you have little kids.

The kids pretended to dig up Pirate Treasure and Kenzie was desperate to spot signs of Mermaids. She prays they exist for real but fears maybe they do not as she isn’t finding any solid evidence on this trip.

More digging. And the view of the cruise ship while on the beach was very majestic.

Mike actually relaxing for once! These rafts are definitely worth renting. Best $5 we’ve spent in a long time. It also enabled Kyle to go out snorkeling with the 3 of us as he could wear his swimmies and hang on to the float as we were all peeking underwater to watch the fish.

Keeping very busy on the beach with their digigng & fantasy games.

Sailing away from Grand Turk. Another ship is now docked on the pier for an afternoon visit.

A view of the gorgeous waters.

The kids enjoying a little snack in their coveted cruise cabin post sun & sand. The kids love the stateroom but overall as a family we prefer the days we visit an island  & can swim, run, play, etc. vs. a day at sea on the ship.

Disclosure: Yes, Carnival Cruise Lines did pay for our travel expenses – we are feeling very lucky and appreciative to have been offered this experience. As always, I share the real dish & all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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