How To Throw a Disney CARS Themed Birthday Party

Check out our photos and tips on how to throw a Disney CARS Themed birthday party – it’s super easy! With decorations and games this cool, kids will leave the party feeling like they were a member of Team McQueen’s race crew for the day. What fun!


We are giant fans of hosting birthday parties in our own home for our children. We love the comfortable feel and loving atmosphere of a birthday party at our house versus at a party site. It can be a bit more work, but our kids just love getting involved in the planning and set up of seeing their themed party come to life. My 5 year old little boy Kyle is wild about Disney CARS so Walmart offered us the opportunity to sample this total DREAM Birthday Party kit for Disney Cars.

Take a peek at just some of our fanfare for this CARS themed party.

Disney Cars Inspired Party Decorations Games Ideas


The Disney Cars Grand Prize Racetrack on Race Day Birthday Party Theme

We transformed our downstairs into a Cars Grand Prix Racetrack on Race day. It looked amazing and honestly there are at least 15+ items you can purchase at Walmart for this party theme that make hosting and set up a total cinch. Everything from games, party favors, banners, race flags, paper products, and more!

The Disney Cars Grand Prize Racetrack on Race Day kits all come from Hallmark Party Expressions and are available for sale at Walmart.

The Disney Cars party kits are incredible and I can’t express just how easy it will make decorating your home for a festive occasion. Basically, Hallmark Expressions has a range of products to help you “Set the Scene”, “Create the Adventure” and “Remember the Fun” which basically translates into party decorations to transform your home and to set your table, games for kids to play, and party favors galore.

Cars Grand Prix Game Ideas:

Limbo, Racing and running, Pin the Headlight on “Mater”, and more. You can decorate your home with the race flags, give the kids pendants to run around with, and award the kids cute little medals for the games you play.

Winner Medal Cars Theme Party

Also, as you set the scene and create your adventure, there are tons of fun photo moments you can capture for the kids with the backdrops that come with the party kits. The Grand Prix Winner’s Circle, posing under the flags, and the giant step & repeat with Lightning McQueen. My kids LOVE this type of thing!



Set the Cars Party Scene:

Cars Party Table Setting

Go wild with the backdrops and decorations like the Grand Prix Race flags, pennants, and other miscellaneous Disney Cars paraphernalia you can hang on your walls. Also, your kitchen and party table will come to life with the super cute party favor style plastic cups, plates, napkins and a fun table setting with snack tracks and Cars decor Table Toppers.

Cars Party Table Toppers


Cars Inspired Party Favors

Walmart sells everything from Cars bubbles, Cars yo-yo’s, Cars tattoos, Cars Activity Books, stickers, and more. You can individually buy your favorite items or even go for one of their 48 piece kits that have party favors for tons of guests included all in one kit.

Cars Party Favors




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