Father’s Day Pool Time!

Happy Father’s Day! The kids and I had a busy day with Daddy but managed to squeeze in some time at the pool. Today was a scorcher. Kenzie is swimming like  a superstar after her 2 weeks of lessons at Malvern Prep…the best $104 I’ve spent in a very long time. She’s going under water, … Read more

My Little True Blood Fan

We’re somewhat obsessed by the True Blood series at my house.  After wrapping up Season 2 this weekend, we couldn’t help but notice the similarities between 2 yr old Kyle’s popsicle ravaged face and that of the vamps on True Blood after a quick feeding.  Kyle loved hamming it up for the camera while he … Read more

Kyle’s Trim at Roller Coaster Cuts

Who knew a hair salon for kids could be like a theme park? Well, that’s just what Six Flags Great Adventure has attempted to do with their kid friendly haircutting chain called “Roller Coaster Cuts.” Kyle loved every moment at Roller Coaster Cuts for his little haircut a few weeks ago.  I dropped his big … Read more

The Fake Mustache

This surprise for the kids was well worth the 50 cent price tag at our grocery store gumball machine. What a treasure. Who knew a fake mustache could be so fun? (Note: A fake mustache will age you 30 years regardless of your gender. Kenzie’s entire demeanor and posture altered while wearing this sticky piece … Read more