On Becoming Harry Potter: How to Play Harry Potter and Hogwarts at Home! #HarryPotter #WizardingWorld #WizardingWorldOrlando

Harry Potter Potions

Calling all Harry Potter fans! Here’s our plans for How to Play Harry Potter and Hogwarts at Home! Are your kids patiently waiting for their letter to Hogwarts? Until then, check out our ideas on how to set up a Hogwarts School and play imaginary Harry Potter games with your children. You can tell we […]

Talking Football Parties on TV @TheQonFox #PartyOnMom

#PartyonMom TV segement on The Q on Fox

We had so much fun on Kenzie’s birthday last week actually filming a TV segment on her very special day! We went on Fox’s new show, The Q, to share fun and super SIMPLE ideas to create a festive football party at home — aka the HOMEGATE before the big Eagles game.  Check out our […]

Kyle’s 1st Trophy -Soccer Bobble Head Style!


Really. A trophy with a soccer bobble head. Hilarious, adorable and very cool all at the same time. My little 4 year old was so thrilled yesterday when he received his very 1st trophy. This was his 1st year to play on a soccer team and he just had the most marvelous experience. I’m SUPER […]

Kyle Plays His 1st Soccer Game!


The little guy is now starring in this Ecuador Soccer Films clip thanks to his prowess on the soccer field. Mike made this awesome 1 minute clip for Kyle to remember his big day and for me since I had to miss the 1st game to coach Kenzie’s 1st field hockey game. Check him out […]

Kyle Jumps off the Diving Board!


My heart is simply bursting with joy for my little boy. Learning to swim is such a milestone for kids and Kyle is finally in the water and most importantly LOVING to swim. I profess Kyle should have been swimming like Aquaman already given the number of swim lessons I’ve paid for over the past […]

Mother’s Day Tea


I live for these moments. Mother’s Day Tea is just the cutest thing of the year at our preschool. This age is so adorable I want to bottle it up and keep it with me forever – especially someday when I’m all old and alone – I’ll be able to remember and return to that […]

Adventure Aquarium Visit & Ticket Giveaway

Philadelphia View

Yesterday, we had the most fantastic time at the Philadelphia’s Adventure Aquarium on the Camden Waterfront. Our visit was LONG overdue as I hadn’t taken Kenzie since she was 18 months old and little Kyle has NEVER visited an Aquarium before. The kids were crazy about the experience and loved their visit so much. They […]

Easter Bunny Photos through the years…….


My babies are growing up. I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be doing a “Bunny” photo opp. At least the movie HOP has reignited belief in the Easter Bunny since this costume at the Mall is definitely a game changer for every kid over the age of 4. Luckily, my kids think the Mall […]

Channeling Harry Potter

harry potter2

I said the kids were obsessed with Potter and I meant it. Take a peek at Kyle sporting his scar & home-made glasses. Doesn’t he look like Harry Potter? He has also now requested to start wearing a tie which looks totally adorable. He wants to buy the official “Harry Potter” tie when we visit […]

Happy New Year with a Baptism for Kyle


How did you spend your New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day? No wild partying for us – instead it was all about family time. And we loved it! For the first time since becoming parents, we FINALLY actually did something on New Year’s Eve with the kids out of the house so that was […]