My New Secret to Stop UTI’s Before They Start

Do you or any of your friends suffer from frequent Urinary Tract Infections? If so, you have to check out ellura – a medical-grade supplement for urinary tract health that helps stop UTIs before they start! Thank you to ellura for sponsoring this post. 

My UTI woes are BEYOND frustrating. I’ve dealt with them for the past 20 years and they seem to go in waves. Once they start, they don’t stop, and it takes me a really long time to feel normal again.     

Imagine feeling like you need to go to the bathroom desperately and then when you finally rush to the bathroom to relieve yourself, you have no relief even though your bladder is now empty. OMG that is what a urinary tract infection is like for me! 

Generally, once I get a urinary tract infection, I know I’ll be in a cycle for 3-6 months of possibly having several again and again! When I was young my UTI symptoms were very painful combined with the need to go to the bathroom with zero relief. Now, my UTIs express themselves differently. My doctor thinks I have a sensitive bladder from aging so even a little bit of bacteria is noticeable for me. My UTIs are now less painful but instead cause a low-grade discomfort and general sense of urgency almost all the time. YUCK! 

Being in a cycle of UTIs means I’m on and off antibiotics, plus I tend to live in this perpetual state of worry about possibly getting a UTI at an inopportune time – like if I’m traveling or away at a swim meet with the kids and can’t get to a doctor for treatment. 

I was excited to start taking ellura four months ago since sadly, I am one of the many women who suffer from recurrent UTIs. Let me tell you that suffering from recurrent UTIs and all the frequent bladder infections I’ve had over the past 20 years has been a frustrating battle! As you can imagine, Doctor appointments, tons of antibiotics and the constant fear of getting a UTI at an inopportune time are no fun. 

Check this out: 85 percent of women who take ellura saw a reduction in UTIs in the first six months. WOW!

I was thrilled to learn about the benefits and learn first-hand and how ellura can help me prevent UTIs before they start. I just take one table daily for a decrease in UTIs! The idea of having a treatment option to help PREVENT my UTI problems before they start is just genius! A biggest part of my UTI problem is the pure fact that once I get one UTI, I know that I’ll be stuck in a cycle of getting a few more in the coming months.

ellura is a non-prescription option too!  I know I’m not alone when it comes to dealing with the discomfort of a UTI.  As a busy Mom who is worrying about her family and her own career, stressing over UTI woes is something I’d love it avoid!

Did you know a woman has a 50% chance of experiencing a UTI in her lifetime?

Plus, 1 in 10 women have 3 or more UTI’s per year!

Secret to Stop UTI’s Before They Start

*Note: ellura is naturally sourced and has no known side effects. If you have a red fruit allergy, please consult your doctor before you start using this product. 

ellura can Block Bacteria that Cause UTIs

Finding tricks to help prevent UTIs is always on my radar. When I travel, I seem especially prone to getting a bladder infection. If I don’t drink enough water or have any change in routine, it seems to be a real trigger for me. My propensity for a UTI means I’m always considering a plan to handle UTI issues that are unfortunately likely to impact me, especially during times of stress or when I could possibly be in a remote location.

I’ve tried prophylactic or preventative antibiotics and drinking crazy amounts of cranberry juice as soon as I feel a bladder infection building. I don’t like the excessive sugar in cranberry juice and it’s certainly not a cure. Over the years, taking antibiotics once I have a bladder infection comes with its own set of annoying side effects too like: stomach upset, recurrent yeast infections, and the fear of developing resistant bacteria. I love the idea that with ellura, I won’t need to worry about extra sugar from consuming lots of cranberry juice or the long list of consequences that come with taking low dose antibiotics daily for months to help prevent them.

ellura is a medical-grade supplement that can help  stop UTIs before they start thanks to a powerful natural ingredient called proanthocyanidins (PAC). The active ingredient binds to bad bacteria to keep it from sticking to the bladder and if bacteria can’t stick, they can’t grow and cause an infection. This is ultra-important in helping to prevent UTIs, as it helps prevent bacteria from attaching to your urinary tract. Hooray!!! 

Why Try ellura to Prevent UTIs vs. Other Cranberry Supplements? 

Essentially, ellura has the most potent PAC which, unlike other products on the market, is made from pure cranberry juice extract, which allows the PAC in ellura to bind to the bacteria. ellura is different from other cranberry supplements that are made from inferior “whole berry” or “press cake.” These products have little to no effect as their PAC bind to the skins, seeds and flesh of the berry instead of the bacteria, offering little to no anti-adhesion activity and therefore less protection for you.

Why Try ellura to Prevent UTIs vs. Other Cranberry Supplements?

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ellura Product Features & Benefits

ellura Product Features & Benefits
  •  ellura is not an antibiotic so you don’t have to worry about the potential side effects that come with daily or prophylactic antibiotic usage which can create resistant bacteria. 
  • ellura is backed by extensive clinical research led by urologists who first saw the most chronic cases. It is now the leading supplement recommended by healthcare providers: a study ranks ellura #1 supplement in terms of its powerful PAC formula and anti-adhesion activity when compared to other supplements (AJOG 2016).

ellura Helps Prevent UTIs

ellura is not a cure but it is clinically proven to help prevent UTIs. I’m so thrilled to have this option to add to my arsenal to fight UTIs. In my 20’s, my symptoms were severe pain and a sense of urgency. Now, as I’m in my 40’s, my symptoms have changed to just a continual low-grade sense of urgency. My doctor tells me that this is normal and symptoms change for women as they age. Apparently, my bladder is more sensitive to the tiniest number of bacteria and I feel an annoying sense of urgency even before I have a raging bacterial infection. 

Like the proverb says, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” To have something that will help me avoid the discomfort of a UTI as well as another course of antibiotics is a win-win for me! 

ellura is not a treatment for UTIs, and using ellura should not replace the expert advice from your health care team.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ellura.

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