Never too Young for Oral Care: MAM Toothbrushes for Tots

Going to the dentist and proper oral care is ultra important. It’s one of those things can be easy to overlook as a busy new Mom, but make it a priority NOT to ignore those developing teeth. Teach the kiddos to brush early and from the start. And yes, start thinking about that 1st dentist appointment a lot earlier than you probably think you should!

Kids love the dentist – check out my 2 year old at his 1st Pediatric Dentist appointment. Marvelous fun for him! And it’s a good thing we started early as I profess he has since had some cavity woes starting at age 3. I can’t imagine if we hadn’t been taking him to the dentist!

Even more importantly, start brushing those teeth ASAP – even before they come in you can massage those gums and get your tot in the dental routine. MAM has Massaging Toothbrushes, Training Toothbrushes and even 1st  Toothbrushes designed with children (and babies!) in mind. BPA free too!

These 1st toothbrushes are excellent. They will help remove that plaque and bacteria from your child’s mouth – even more importantly this will get the kiddos in that dental routine that is so vital to develop.

Yes, really your 6 month – 1 year old should be brushing their teeth.

Ideally, come Kindergarten, you won’t be reminding your kids to brush everyday and instead they’ll be brushing automatically and hopefully begging you to let them floss too!

MAM has a handful of fabulous teethers to soothe the babies gums when those new teeth start coming in and even cooler in my opinion are the teething style brushes that both soothe those new teeth and imitate brushing.

Check out this MAM Bite and Brush:


Other Teething and Pediatric Dental resources:

– A Teething Time Planner from MAM to give you a heads up on the timeline for your child’s developing teeth 

– FAQ on Oral Care (When should your child 1st visit the dentist, Do Babies Need Toothpaste)

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