Our 93 year old Matriarch

At the very start of our trip to Florida two weeks ago, we made a cherished visit to my Great Aunt Kay. She’ll be 93 on June 21, 2010 as she was born in 1917. She’s basically the “matriarch” of our family as my Mother’s Mom died of Lupus when my Mom was only 8 years old. Our visit was bittersweet in that we left knowing it may be our last time to see her alive.

Aunt Kay has been slowly declining in the last 18 months and sadly doing what my Mom calls “dying in bits and pieces.” It is heartbreaking to see her physical decline when her mental capacity – for the most part- is in full form. We luckily arrived during a good week. Last week she went into the hospital again very ill and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. It pains us all to see her in terrible pain when she has lived a full life and says she is ready to move on.

She’s no longer the Olympic caliber swimmer of her youth or the world record breaking Masters swimmer she was in even her late 80’s. Walking with her to the restaurant at dinner was at a pace far slower than even toddler pace. Barely moving with her walker but slowly making her way step by step.

We had wonderful conversations and primarily spoke all about her ancestry which we recently discovered and confirmed dated back to the earliest settlers of Plymouth and Revolutionary War Patriots. This info thrilled Aunt Kay and she was sharing it with everyone we met during the evening.
The kids were bouncing around her tiny apartment but loved seeing Aunt Kay. And I think we provided plenty excitement with the wild energetic kids.

The blogger in me thought to bring my Flip video camera and recorded a few conversations with Aunt Kay asking her about her early childhood swimming and if they had electricity when she was a little girl. I wish I could have spoken to her for hours! I’ll post the videos later for family members to view -as I don’t know if it will interest anyone else but it will be a wonderful memento for our children and Kenzie & Kyle’s cousins.

5 thoughts on “Our 93 year old Matriarch”

  1. those are sweet moments that I am glad you get to document them- one of the many things I love about blogging! And I'm sure your visit meant a lot to your aunt as well!

  2. I can still remember visiting my husband's grandparents when they were elderly. My dad is going to be 92 in July!
    How wonderful that your family can be with your aunt.
    Thanks for sharing…..Cindi

  3. your visit brought tears to my eyes. i truly know how special it was to her and those pictures will always bring sweet memories for you too. thanks for sharing and reminding us all how quickly our lives may change

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