Our Amazing Education Staycation at the Four Seasons Philadelphia #FSFamily

The Four Seasons Philadelphia, located ultra conveniently in the Museum District, provided the perfect ideal home base for our educational staycation this spring break with the kids. The Four Seasons is literally just STEPS away from the Franklin Institute and the Academy of Natural Science Museum and is within easy walking distance of the Rodin Museum, famous Philadelphia Art Museum, and the Barnes Museum.


Staying here provided such an easy opportunity for us to give our kids a taste of culture and science, while also letting all of us indulge in the luxury Four Seasons offers families – incredible customer service, thoughtful gestures for the kids, and top notch food.

Here’s a beautiful view from our room and a video showcasing the Four Seasons special touches and gluten free delights.

Truly, the Four Seasons itself was a total dream location and hotel for our family. The kids were treated with all kinds of surprises and the food was out of this world. Kyle, my 6 year old, has celiac and they were BEYOND accommodating as they special made him pancakes daily and offered up special gluten free pastries and baked treats each day as well. Kyle was in HEAVEN at being able to be a part of each meal and dessert without having to make disappointing compromises or missing out on treats when we were traveling. Brilliant for him – and for Mom!


I can’t believe how much we packed into our 48 hour stay! Strolls though the city were marvelous. We walked EVERYWHERE which was fantastic as the weather was gorgeous. We hung in the gardens of the Rodin Museum, raced up the Philadelphia Art Museum steps, saw the Pompeii Exhibit at the Franklin Institute and got up close with animals and dinosaur bones at the Academy of Natural Science. What an education for the kids and Mike and I learned so much too. Diving into the arts and sciences proved to be fascinating for all of us.

Hanging out in front of the Rodin museum that we passed right by on our way to the Art Museum. It was only about 1 mile walk (12-15 mins) from the Four Seasons to the Art Museum.


I’ll share more videos and tips for visiting each destination too – so look out for my upcoming posts this week.

The Franklin Institute was OUTSTANDING and an absolute MUST DO for families. Kids and us adults found it fascinated. A real highlight of our trip.


T Rex jaws! We loved how interactive the Academy of Natural Sciences was for kids. The museum offered hands on digging up dinosaur bones and shark teeth for the kids along with an opportunity to walk through a real working dinosaur fossil lab and chat with the technicians working on cleaning up the bones from recent digs.


Note: Thanks to the Four Seasons for hosting our stay. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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