Our Best Travel Tips and Guide for Visiting Santorini Greece

Santorini is probably one of the most magical places I’ve yet to been and long to visit again.Nothing quit like the greek blue and white views built on top of a volcano. It’s a mix of beautiful beaches, ancient history, lots of great wine and sunsets that leave a lasting impression in your mind. I’m so excited to share with you OUR little guide we came up with + what we did on this gorgeous island. Check out our Best Travel Tips and Guide for Visiting Santorini Greece below. Tons of ideas and inspiration for your travels to Santorini and Greece!

Best Travel Tips and Guide for Visiting Santorini Greece



Travel Tips and Guide for Visiting Santorini Greece

Here’s our little guide to Santorini:

Ancient Thira- The ruins of Ancient Thira are located on a high rocky headland called Mesa Vouna, where you overlook the land and the sea!  it’s 396 m. above sea level and it was founded in the 9th century B.C. by Dorian colonists whose leader was Theras, and continued to be inhabited until the early Byzantine period. Also there is a museum!

Hike along Sellada mountain near Thira! < we walked up there > and once we got up there it was so windy, by the views were amazing!

Fun fact, we stayed at the Sellada hotel which our view was the mountain!
Santorini Hotel

Visit a winery – There were tons of wineries around in each town. Prior to dinner one evening we stopped by an art gallery/ wine tasting. Perfect pre dinner activity. Santorini  has some great wine!! I think it’s due to it’s volcanic soil 😉
Winery Sant
Winery sant 3
Winery Sant 2

Eat allllllllll the greek yogurt you can 😉 Silly, but greek yogurt IN Greece is the best. SO thick and creamy, topped with fruit, local honey and muesli or nuts .. delicious 🙂
Greek yogurt

Have a chance to visit each town: Kamari, Oia, Fira, Thira, Akrotiri —- each town had something special and a great view. Whether the calladera or valley views. Each morning we picked a town and drove to it and ate or had coffee and explored a bit.  This was taken along the way to oia on the edge at a café.

Favorite village: Oia …. breath taking. So beautiful and the last part of the island so the views are amazing.. hidden streets, alleys and tons of kitties!

oia 3

Visit the red beach: The red beach is so cool and literally red/ maroon colors from the lava. The red rocks and crystal blue water is such an amazing color combination.
Red beach
Red Beach 2

Eat with a beautiful view: the views are gorgeous, it’s undeniable. It’s once in a lifetime to eat with such a view. We split our eats between the views and more expensive bill and found some hidden gems < which I share below >
One of my favorite dinners was our first night and in Fira .. this is when I knew we were in for a treat being here.
Santorini Eating View
Santorini Eating View 2
santorini eating view 3
Santorini eating view 4

Speaking of eating … you must eat at some local taverns. Traditional Greek food is the BEST. Stuffed peppers, moussaka, spinach pies, the list goes on!  We went to Irini’s in Kamari which is one of the oldest restaurants on the island!, she is still making the best food and dancing!

You may also be able to catch some folk dancers. Alot of greek people travel to different islands and share their “version” of a dance. While in Santorini, we saw a particular group from the mountains preforming – it was so cool to see traditional greek traditions.

Our most favorite restaurants and hidden gem on the valley side “Metaxy mas” the space between us. I think my favorite place. Cheap, AMAZING food, and views of the valleys. The first time we were there we instantly fell in love  and treated like kings and queens. The amount of food we got for 40 euros was amazing. We went back a second time. Metaxy mas
Metaxy mas 2
Metaxy mas 3
Metaxy mas 4

Fish spa! If you watched the kardashians.. when they were there they got a fish pedicure,  something fun to try!

Our hotel offered breakfast each morning, but I enjoyed walking to a certain bakery for pastries to go along with our coffees. It was a fun morning routine and I felt like a local!
Greek Bakery

Mingle with other visitors. Our hotel had a few cookouts where you could take place. I believe a lot of places did this – On July 4th, we attend the cookout and got to mingle with other people. Guests from Italy, Germany, and so on. It was cool to connect over a meal. We ended watching one of the world cup games with some friends we made.

Try all the amazing coffees!  If your a coffee person like myself, this was a fun thing! I enjoyed countless freddo espresso, cappuccino and frappes! I love coffee with a view!
Oia 2

Visit Oia for the famous sunset. It’s the end part of the island and best seat in the house. They are o n e – o f – a – k i n d, completely breath taking!
Oia sunset 2Oia Sunset

Buy a few things at the local market like snacks: I loved the nougat bars + sesame sticks with honey are amazing! // great way to eat and snack like the greeks do 🙂 This will also save some cash. Fruit, bars, water and others. You definitely need to stock up when you are sightseeing too!

Oia 4
Sesame Stick Snack

Take home a little piece of Santorini with you… I got this lava bracelet to remember my time on the beautiful island!
Lava Greece

… And… most importantly! don’t forget 🙂 < Relax > You are on vacation! YAY!  Sit back, kick back, drink and enjoy a good book. We did a lot in the morning and ended the day sitting on the beach! Perfection, and my kinda balance 🙂
Flowers SantoriniCaitlin Overlooking Oia Greece

I hope you enjoyed our lil’ guide to seeing Santorini! To see more lifestyle, wellness and daily doses of me – check out Piece Of Cait

Happy traveling!

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